Our Editor’s Easy to Follow Gym Plan

It’s a new year, and if you’re anything like us, leveling up your fitness game is on your list of resolutions! Sticking to a new workout routine can be difficult, so we’re sharing our easy to follow gym plan. We understand that not everyone can go to the gym every day, but we’re big believers in taking a little time each day for yourself. Use this schedule as a building block, and customize it to your fitness goals and schedule! A few of our favorite places to pull workouts are from the SWEAT app, Tone It Up, and our favorite Instagram fitness influencers. If you plan to work out from home, check out these fitness must-haves from Amazon!

Our Editor's Easy To Follow Gym Plan - Inspired by This

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Monday: Upper Body

Time to work on those toned arm muscles, girl! Kick-off your week with a fire upper body session either at the gym or at home with dumbbells and resistance bands. Pick 2 muscle groups to focus on for an extra targeted session. A few of our favorite combinations are chest and triceps or back and shoulders!

Tuesday: Full Body

Full body sessions are great for beginners, and you can tweak the workout based on how your body feels that day. For example, if you did chest on Monday and you’re feeling sore, maybe save those push-ups for Thursday’s session!

Wednesday: Cardio

Mid-week cardio is a great way to burn some extra calories but mix up your routine. So, try a spin class, a quick HIIT session, or a jog outside!

Thursday: Legs

Leg dayyyy! Love to hate you. You can focus on 1-2 muscle groups like hamstrings or glutes, or use compound exercises to tone your whole lower half. A few of our favorite exercises include sumo squats and straight-leg deadlifts!

Friday: Full Body

Now’s your chance to work out any muscle group you missed this week! You can also do a full-body HIIT routine to get you in and out of the gym faster and one step closer to those Friday happy hour cocktails.

Saturday: Class

We love using the weekends as an opportunity to take a fun new workout class with a friend! A great spin class with amazing music or a bootcamp-style class with your bestie is a great way to get your sweat on but still enjoy your weekend. Here are a few of our favorite workout classes to try!

Sunday: Rest

An easy to follow gym plan wouldn’t be complete without a rest day! It’s important to give your body and muscles time to recover. Without rest, you can be more likely to get burned out!

Now, get to the gym and get workin’! We hope this easy to follow gym plan helps you build your own workout schedule and stick to it. Sticking to small commitments every day, whether that’s hitting the gym for a full workout session or making sure you get in 10,000 steps per day, is the best way to reach your goals! We believe in you!

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