A Cocktail According to Your Enneagram

It’s the talk amongst all workspaces, group chats, and tables during happy hour…our Enneagram. We admit to being suckers for the latest and greatest personality tests, so if you haven’t taken your Enneagram test yet, us IBT girls highly recommend! The truth of the matter is, we all invest in these tests for all sorts of different reasons. Whether to gain a better sense of self, confidence, improve in our work life, relationships or all of the above and more, we’ve found that the Enneagram is the perfect tool that can aid in self-discovery and gain a better understanding of others. While this list we’ve created for you below won’t (necessarily) lead to self-discovery, we’ve put together a roll of drinks to complement your personality type for those of you that consider yourself to be “Enneagram enthusiasts” –and also love a good cocktail!

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Type 1 – Scotch, Neat

Image via Holly and Flora

If there is anything type Ones value it is quality. A simple glass of scotch is reliable, providing the same flavor and punch in every sip. Much like Scotch, Ones strive for perfection, delivering you a top-notch experience every time.

Type 2 – Moscow Mule

Image via Savory Simple

What does this popular cocktail and type Twos have in common? They have an infectious way of bringing people together. We’ve all indulged in this tasty cocktail over one too many happy hour sessions and that’s because 99 times out of 100 we can find it on every menu, making it the perfect go-to! Just like how we can’t resist this sweet sip, it’s equally difficult to resist type Twos’ warm and generous nature!

Type 3 – Martini

Image via Pampered Chef

If there’s anything we know about martinis it’s that it definitely has an acquired taste. Like this crisp & strong drink, type Threes exude exactly that. Threes confidence and driven temperament can often come off strong, but the beautiful thing about this personality type is their ability to evolve and adapt to different people and environments. Aside from the “classic” martini, every now and then you come across an espresso martini, a dirty martini, or even an appletini!

Type 4 – Bloody Mary

Image via Zestful Kitchen

We’ve never come across a bloody mary alike, and we can certainly say the same for type Fours! These creative souls thrive off of being self-expressive and individualistic, and we’ve always found this unique brunch drink to be the same! When you order a Bloody Mary, you know you’re choosing a drink with flair and a flavor that just can’t be compared.

Type 5 – Gin & Tonic

Image via The Forked Spoon

Unlike a warm and people-pleasing type Two, Fives value independence and simplicity. Fives are minimalistic and sharp, just like the classic G&T. This fresh nightcap, similar to those with a type Five personality is effective and equally enjoyable without all the frills. 

Type 6 – Aperol Spritz

Image via Create and Barrel

Fruity & refreshing is all we have to say for type Sixs and the tasty Aperol Spritz! This is the perfect cocktail to have for an entertaining social hour and we couldn’t think of a better team player or person to collaborate with than the Six.

Type 7 – Spicy Margarita

Image via Foolproof Living

The party doesn’t start until margaritas are made, and type Sevens enter the room! These people know how to spark joy in any situation and are always surrounding themselves, as well as spreading positivity. If you’re looking for a little spice to your life, add some jalapeños to your marg and have a chat with a Seven!

Type 8 – Mint Julep

Image via The Feed Feed

A cool sip with a sharp bite? You’re looking at a mint julep and a type Eight! Don’t be fooled by their cool and collected appearance, Eights – and quite frankly Mint Juleps – are bold, strong and always leave a lasting impression.

Type 9 – Tequila Sunrise

Image via The Little Epicurean

A tasty drink that is easy to love by all – Tequila Sunrises are the perfect thing to order to add some sunshine to your day! Much like this cocktail, type Nines have the same effect, always bringing peace and ease to any situation.

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