4 Safe Cleanses We are Trying This Year

With a new year, and a new decade comes a reset. As we glide into 2020, now is the perfect time to think about what isn’t working, and rid yourself of what no longer serves you. When you hear the word “cleanse”, it may sound intimidating, or just downright scary. However, we’re taking a holistic approach to cleansing ourselves. From our minds to our body to our habits, we aim to cleanse ourselves in all aspects of our lives. Today, we’ve gathered the five totally safe cleanses we will be trying this year to get our mind, body and spirit in perfect shape!


The OWL Reset

We intend to lead with our gut this year, which is why The OWL Reset cleanse is absolutely necessary. Believe it or not, your hut health plays a major role in your overall health, and if you have been experiencing symptoms such as, chronic fatigue, weakened immune system, acid reflux, anxiety, or food intolerances chances are, your unhealthy gut health is to blame. Giving your body a break from processing inflammatory foods is the perfect way to kickstart your year the healthy way! We know starting a cleanse can sound tricky, but we promise you this cleanse is unlike any other! Whether you choose a 4-day, 6-day or 8-day program the OWL Reset comes with 3 delicious hemp milkshakes and your choice of 3 flavorful broths designed to nourish the body while reducing inflammation, healing and sealing the gut lining, and improving digestion.

The Social Media Cleanse

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There’s no denying that we spend an ample amount of time on our phone. Whether your occupation requires you to use social media, or you just can’t resist a quality meme on the gram, what we look at on our screens on a regular basis is entirely up to us. With that being said, we believe that social media isn’t the problem at hand, but rather how we choose to use it. This is the perfect time to deep-dive your “following” list on all platforms, and remove accounts and people that have ever caused you to think or feel negatively about yourself. Put the “in” in inspiration, and stick to accounts that make you feel empowered, happy, and connected.

The AM/PM Cleanse

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If we had a dollar for every time we said we were going to bed, but ended up staying up an extra hour scrolling on our phone we’re certain that we could buy the United States. No matter what Kim Kardashian is coming out with, or who is doing a Bachelor recap, no alert is more important that your rest! We challenge you to not check your notifications, or scroll on social media the first hour when you wake up and the last hour before you go to sleep.

The Marie Kondo “Kleanse”

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We swear there’s nothing better than coming home to a clean and organized space! From your closet to your kitchen drawers if it doesn’t spark joy it’s time to say goodbye. You’ll be surprised at the impact de-cluttering your home can have on your mind.


If you love these safe cleanses, you’ll love the mental health resolutions we’ve set in place for 2020! Tell us how you plan to take on 2020 strong on @inspiredbythis!

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