10 Low Sugar Snacks We Love

Sugar– a fan favorite, if we do say so ourselves. America is actually the top sugar-consuming nation in the world, with the average person consuming around 57 pounds of added sugar a year. We’re all here for a well-balanced diet which includes the occasional sugary treat or snack. Everything in moderation is our motto. However, when sugar creeps into our daily diet, it can lead to inflammation, weight gain, & diabetes. The tricky thing is, it can sneak into pretty much everything– from your daily coffee (anyone else love a good iced vanilla latte?) to your go-to protein bar & even in many savory snacks! Our solution? Trading some of your daily snack staples for low sugar snack options instead. Don’t be dismayed– low sugar snacks don’t disqualify taste! Here are our top ten low sugar snacks we’re currently loving:

01. Emmy’s Organics Cookies

10 Low Sugar Snacks

Photo via @emmysorganics

To be as straightforward as possible, these cookies are insane. They are organic with only about 6 grams of sugar per cookie. We love the vanilla bean flavor.

02. Julie’s Real Nut Butter

10 Low Sugar Snacks We Love

Photo via @juliesreal

This nut butter/granola/baking mix brand is not your average store purchased kind. With items like cacao espresso almond butter or cinnamon vanilla bean grain free granola, your taste buds will have no clue that there’s no refined sugar in any ingredient list. We love supporting small businesses, especially when their product is this tasty!

03. Daily Harvest Smoothie Kits

10 Low Sugar Snacks We Love

Photo via @dailyharvest

We get it… work from home life can get quite busy & sometimes we work through lunch. A quick and easy snack idea is this prepackaged smoothie kit. You simply add liquid & blend!

04. Siete Grain-Free Chips

10 Low Sugar Snacks We Love

Photo via @sietefoods

These chips taste like the real deal– crunchy, salty, but thankfully without the gluten or sugar. They have a few different flavors, our favorites are the dairy free nacho cheese and the simple sea salt!

05. Hu Kitchen Crackers

10 Low Sugar Snacks We Love

Photo via @hukitchen

These grain-free crackers are as healthy as a cracker can get– no dairy, soy, gluten, maltodextrin, refined starches, or tapioca. They’re also plant-based & support healthy digestion!

06. Lesser Evil Snacks Popcorn

10 Low Sugar Snacks We Love

Photo via @lesserevilsnacks

Back to the basics, popcorn is a staple snack for most of us. Sadly, corn is widely genetically modified, but this brand is certified organic! They just released fun new popcorn flavors like lemonade & grapefruit, too!

07. Kween + Co Granola Butter

10 Low Sugar Snacks We Love

Photo via @kweenandco

If you’ve ever tried Trader Joe’s cookie butter, let us put you onto it’s healthy older sister. This granola butter is organic with 3 grams of sugar per serving. We can’t recommend this enough– it’s also nut free, refined sugar free, & absolutely addicting.

08. Chomps Beef Sticks

10 Low Sugar Snacks We Love

Photo via @chomps

Think of your childhood gas station order.. it may have included beef sticks. Chomps.com is the non-GMO, protein-filled version of that!

09. Bonafide Provisions Bone Broth Soup

10 Low Sugar Snacks We Love

Photo via @bonafideprovisions

One of the best things you can put in your body is bone broth, and this brand just released new soups– perfect for the cooler weather that is soon approaching.

10. Wildway of Life Granola

10 Low Sugar Snacks We Love

Photo via @wildwayoflife

Wildwya of Life makes delicious grain free granola sweetened with nature’s candy, dates. This is the perfect hiking snack to pack your trek with energy & a nutritious, flavorful treat.

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