10 Fashion Forward Face Masks for every style

Well, it looks like face masks are here to stay, for a while anyways. We know, we know many of you have mixed feelings about them. However, there is no denying that if we are going to wear them, then we want them to be cute. And, by cute we mean something we would want to wear into public, so if you are anything like us then this article is for you. Today we are sharing 10 fashion forward face masks for every style.

Image via @imanicollective

.01 – Set of 5 Unique Patterns from Anthropologie – $26

.02 – Blue & White Gingham Masks from Madewell – $20

.03 – 3 Pack Modern Masks from Nordstroms – $20

.04 – Boho Block Colors 4 Pack – $30

.05 – 100% Human Face Mask 3 Paxk – $28

.06 – Mustard Floral Print Face Mask from Dippin Daisy – $10

.07 – 5 Pack of Multi-color Masks from Old Navy – $12.50

.08 – Slate Face Mask from Imani Collective – $12

.09 – Terra Cotta Pattern Face Mask from KalypsoHarvey – $14

.10 – Terrazzo Neutrals Face Mask from Mareike Böhmer – $14

Did you like one of these fashion forward face masks? Share with us in the comments, which one was your favorite! And don’t forget if you are struggling with the weight of having to see so much change, we have some tips for you. Check out our article on 12 things to do when the weight of the world feels too heavy!

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