Stunning Engagement Photos in Yosemite Park

Yosemite park is a destination that everyone should try to visit at least once in their lives. We know every time we go, we are always so in awe of all that reconnecting with nature can do for us! These two love birds seem to understand the power of nature and they certainly found the perfect place to take their engagement photos. Our favorite moment from this stunning engagement photos in Yosemite Park has to be the fashion. This gorgeous duo wore not one, or two looks, but rocked a total of FOUR looks, each as stunning as the last. Scroll on to view every look for yourself!

Sean Thomas Photography shares, a behind the scenes look at the day,

“Yosemite National Park is always such a magical place to capture a love story. It feels so otherworldly, with the towering cliffs, pristine meadows, clear rivers and streams, and majestic waterfalls. Even with thousands of people in the park at any given moment, it can still feel like you have the whole world to yourself which is rejuvenating to the soul and magnifies the connection to those you are enjoying the day with.

This is why when Kristen and Christian reached out to me about having their engagement session done in the park, I knew that we would create something magical. Especially hearing their story, and how they’ve been together since Highschool, dating for 8 years, and recently engaged in San Francisco. Their connection and chemistry were apparent almost immediately after meeting them. Little did they know, the adventure session I had planned for them would take them from the most gorgeous views of Half Dome to the lush fields of the lower Valley, up to the overlook of the entire park being enveloped in the golden glow of the sunset.

Kristen wore a beautiful bridal inspired gown from Asos for her sunrise session up above Half Dome. She chose two casual but classy dresses for her morning session on the valley floor. One gray Midi dress from Asos and a super cute blue Maxi from Hello Molly. Both of these dresses paired perfectly with the vibe of an outing in the fields and valleys. Finishing up her Yosemite adventure on the clifftops in a stunning blue Maxi dress from Lulus. Meanwhile, Christian wore some very classic outfits from H&M, pairing his looks with the gowns Kristen wore during each part of the day. All in all, they looked perfectly styled and helped create the vision we discussed on the phone prior to their session.”

Did you adore these engagement photos in Yosemite as much as we did?! Let us know in the comments what look was your favorite?

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