Positive Changes to the Wedding Industry From COVID

The coronavirus has affected many industries, but it seems the wedding industry got hit pretty hard. With ever-changing rules and regulations, the hardest part for wedding professionals was managing the stress of the unknown. But today on the blog, we want to flip this narrative and start chatting about the positive changes to the wedding industry that happened because of covid!

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More focus on the marriage, rather than the wedding.

“One of the positives that has come out of Covid-19 is being able to focus on the true meaning of your ceremony and celebration without all the fluff. Whether it is keeping your guest count small with your closest family and friends or making sure each moment has a personalized touch, this extra time has given brides a reason to focus and find meaning in what will make their wedding special to them.” —Heather Lowenthal, Posh Parties

The chance to be more selective.

“Postponing or changing your wedding means that you get to reimagine your day without all the pressure to have a big party. If you dreamt of eloping with just your family and best friends, now you can! An elopement can be more intimate and allow you and your fiance to spend more time with your guests and money on important details that may have been costly with a larger guest count. You also get to pick a different location like getting married in the mountains or near the water where it may not have been possible before with such a large guest count. It allows you to have a unique wedding, perfect for you!” —Kari Dirksen, CEO + Lead Planner of Feathered Arrow

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Bigger budget for the details.

“For couples who have reduced their guest count or postponed their events, it’s given us an opportunity to collaborate further on their wedding stationery. We’ve been able to explore more intricate printing methods and work in details like handmade paper flowers, hand-painted accents, and hand beading. For those reducing their guest counts, they are investing more into their printed pieces so they act as keepsakes for their guests, including personalized menus with names & selected meals, interactive escort card displays and custom event signage.” —Jordan Kentris, A Good Day

More compassion and appreciation overall.

“As a wedding planner, I plan to bring a renewed sense of joy to wedding day. The only way we, as an industry, recover from this is by bringing bigger hearts and more compassion when we work with couples -something I know we are all, as wedding vendors, innately good at. What an honor it will be to bring these love-filled events to life for our couples and their families.” —Brooke Avishay of Orange Blossom Special Events

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Less pressure overall.

“While Covid has put a pause on large wedding celebrations, we love seeing the smaller, intimate micro-weddings and elopements our couples are still moving forward with! A pared-down guest list and less pressure to throw the ‘perfect large wedding reception celebration’ allows the couples to truly focus on what’s important – their MARRIAGE, not the wedding!” — Stephanie Sadowski, SRS Events


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