All The Pantone Yellow Wedding Inspiration You Need in 2021

We have to say we were pleasantly surprised with Pantone’s choice of the 2021 color of this year. It’s no secret that we love yellow, so we were all for their yellow choice. But in true 2020 fashion, they didn’t stick to the rules and decided to go with two colors. Our verdict? Genius. When all the rules fly out the window, we think why not make the most of it! Make the most of it, we did… scroll on the see all the Pantone yellow wedding inspiration you need in 2021!

Images by irenefucci, featured here

Image found here

Image by @ashleyfoxdesigns

Image via Alixann Loosle Photography Featured here.

Image found here

Featured here

Did you love this Pantone yellow wedding inspiration just as much as we did? Be sure to drop a comment on which image was the most inspiring to you!

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