Modern Lunar New Year Inspired Wedding

Lunar New Year has always been a holiday we have wanted to feature on our blog, so when we saw this modern lunar new year inspired wedding we knew we needed to share it! With nods to lunar new year traditions combined with modern western twists, this wedding inspiration is as inspiring as it gets. Not to mention the bride features not one but three stunning looks on her big day, seriously there is no shortage of inspiration here!

The Planner, Milk Events shares,

This wedding was inspired by Chinese traditions, but brought into the modern-day.

From kumquats (whose peak in season happens at lunar new year) to modernized rice-cakes and scroll calligraphy, the Chinese elements are not at the forefront but are prominent. Traditional Chinese etiquette would be to display an abundance of everything. we went against that notion. This is for the modern bride, who is struggling to balance both cultures and identities.

First look – the Hanfu dates back to the Qing dynasty in China around the 1600s. History says the guzheng instrument dates back to 200 bc. and tea, well tea dates back to over 5000 years ago.

Second look – from the Hanfu, we move onto the Chinese tea ceremony. The earliest records of tea ceremonies have been around since the tang dynasty over 1200 years ago. The cheongsam is a popular alternative to qipaos that are now worn during westernized tea ceremonies. Styles of tea ceremonies vary throughout all of Asia, and the styles of the cheongsam and qipao can vary with it.

Third look – our last look comes from qipology in hong kong, who makes modernized traditional wedding gowns. Her Harmonia gown features a version of a mandarin neckline, but in the silhouette of western bridal gowns. Continuing on with the east meats west theme, the sweetheart table set up was our final mix of western and eastern elements.

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