The Ultimate Off The Beaten Path Honeymoon in Mexico

Are you looking for an off the beaten path honeymoon in Mexico? Somewhere fresh and exciting, full of charm, made for relaxation, and romantic? If this begins to describe where you want to enjoy your first days as newlyweds, we have just the place. And only a short flight away to boot! Incredible doesn’t even begin to describe the experience at Cala de Mar. This luxury resort in Ixtapa, Mexico is the quintessential honeymoon hotspot. Nestled in the cliffside, Cala, as it is lovingly called by locals and guests alike, is perfect for a secluded escape. Picture private plunge pools in every room, intimate oceanfront restaurants, and spectacular spa experiences.

Honeymoon in Mexico, Off The Beaten Path honeymoon

And that is just the beginning of what the property has to offer! And then, there’s the town. Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo – the two are sister cities, often referred to in conjunction – boasts beautiful, hardly touched beaches, sparkling blue waters (where you can currently spot whales migrating South!), authentic culture, and the most amazing sunrises and sunsets! Whether you are considering destinations all over the world, or have already decided on a honeymoon in Mexico, we will show you why a honeymoon here should be at the top of your list.

Where to Stay

Honeymoon in Mexico, Off The Beaten Path honeymoon

Cala de Mar Resort & Spa: Cala de Mar is the ultimate honeymoon hideaway. To start, the location couldn’t be more spectacular. Nestled in the cliffs, surrounded by lush greenery, and with unobstructed views of the ocean, you will feel as though there isn’t a more beautiful place on earth. From the moment you check in, you are attune to the warmth of not only the Mexican sun – the weather is quite perfect year-round – but also the warmth of the staff who welcome you by name with refreshment and guide you to your suite. With individual plunge pools in every room, and penthouse villas that feature plenty of lounging area for you to take in the expansive views of the Pacific, from this moment on, you never have to leave your room. Sounds idyllic for a honeymoon, right? But the resort and its proximity to downtown Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo to the South, and La Saladita to the North, offers plenty to draw you out of your room as well…

Honeymoon in Mexico, Off The Beaten Path honeymoon Honeymoon in Mexico, Off The Beaten Path honeymoon

A few things you cannot miss – A ride on one of the funicular-style elevators, which can take you from the penthouse to the infinity pools below all while taking in the view (can you tell we couldn’t get enough of the view?!); A guided tequila tasting with options from some of the most famous Tequila houses in Mexico at the Terrace Bar; Happy Hour in your room ever afternoon, where you can enjoy a couple of Coronas and the freshest chips and guacamole. Sometimes its the little things that feel the most special…

Honeymoon in Mexico, Off The Beaten Path honeymoon Honeymoon in Mexico, Off The Beaten Path honeymoonHoneymoon in Mexico, Off The Beaten Path honeymoon

What to Do

Explore downtown Zihuatanejo: Beyond the incredible resort experience at Cal de Mar, a huge reason to honeymoon in Mexico – and in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo in particular – is the cultural experience! Thus, we urge you to head into town for the day and truly take in the city. Start with a coffee and bit of shopping at LOOT, the surfer’s paradise. Here, you’ll see incredible local art along every wall and in the handmade goods and local brands they sell. Plus, some really great coffee, and food too if you stop by later in the day. Next, you’ll want to make your way to the markets where you can peruse local produce, traditional Mexican goods, purchase locally harvested sea salt, and sip on a refreshing coconut water (don’t miss out on the coconut water!). And if you’re picturing streets laden with tourists and tchotchkes, you will be pleasantly surprised to find the markets authentic and fun.

Honeymoon in Mexico, Off The Beaten Path honeymoon

Take a Cooking Class: One of the best parts about traveling to Mexico? The food!! Ixtapa-Zijuatanejo features some of the freshest seafood, tastiest guacamole, and sweetest fruit, and you need not venture farther than Cala de Mar to experience it! Learn how to whip up anything from ceviche to quesadillas in a cooking class with the resort’s chef, and take home new skills and recipes to bring to the table. What is a better souvenir than that?!

Honeymoon in Mexico, Off The Beaten Path honeymoon

Enjoy the Spa: Nothing could me more relaxing than an experience at the seaside spa at Cala. With an emphasis on Aztec healing traditions, wellness techniques, and incorporating local herbs and plants, the experience feels authentic to the location. For the ultimate pampering experience, don’t miss the Love Ritual, which combines a couple’s massage with his-and-hers facials.

Head to the Beach: There is no shortage of beaches to explore in the region, each with its own highlight. Head 30 minutes North of Cala de Mar to La Saladita for epic (and beginner friendly) waves if you are looking to surf. Or, snag a spot on the sand on La Ropa – Zijuatanejo’s most famous beach for good reason. Here, you can enjoy a cocktail in front of The Thompson hotel or see Zijuat from the sky by parasail.

Honeymoon in Mexico, Off The Beaten Path honeymoon Honeymoon in Mexico, Off The Beaten Path honeymoon Honeymoon in Mexico, Off The Beaten Path honeymoon

Take a Boat Ride: Whether you are looking to go diving, or simply get out on the water, take a quick boat ride out to Los Morros de Potosi. The rock formation is home to thousands of birds and fish, so it is spectacular from above or below the water.

Romantic Dinner at Seafood Market: Don’t end your honeymoon without dining at the Seafood Market at Cala de Mar. The cliffside restaurant is not only in a spectacular location (picture the sound of waves crashing against the rocks below as you dine by candlelight) but also features truly customized dishes based on your choice of the catch of the day. The experience is delicious, intimate, and truly unforgettable.

Honeymoon in Mexico, Off The Beaten Path honeymoonHoneymoon in Mexico, Off The Beaten Path honeymoon

This incredible region offers so much to enjoy, but still feels like a hidden gem, which makes it the perfect destination for your honeymoon in Mexico. And you won’t find a more spectacular place to stay than Cala de Mar.

Have you been to Ixtapa or Zihuatanejo? What was your favorite part?

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