The Must-Know Diamond Shapes for Your Engagement Ring

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Engagement Ring Diamond Shape, Lab Grown Diamonds

It’s almost that time of year, where all you nearly-engaged ladies are getting your nails done and gearing up for a potential proposal. If you haven’t heard, it is true that nearly 40% of couples get engaged between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day—really! The holiday season is a magical time of year where romance is undeniable and family is already gathered around. But before you jump ahead to the moment he pops the question, there is something super important to consider before wedding planning begins… THE RING! Engagement rings are the things of fairytales. A sparkly dream come to life. And if you’re like us, you’ve been dreaming about it for a while.

And while you may have your eyes fixed on a solitaire or halo setting, the shape is the first thing you should focus on. Clean Origin not only offers a wide variety of carat sizes and clarity ratings in every shape you can imagine but also offers a highly educational and interactive site where you can shop their selection of lab-grown diamonds to your specification. And with a diamond that symbolizes so much for your life and future, they know the details matter to you, so you can rest assured they matter to them. Today, we’ll walk you through every diamond shape you need to know about when selecting the right one for your engagement ring. Some are familiar friends: Cushion, Oval, the ever-popular Round. And some you may be less familiar with: Radiant, Pear, Heart—yes, your diamond can be in the shape of a heart! Fall in love with an old favorite or find something new that speaks to you…


Engagement Ring Diamond Shape, Lab Grown Diamonds Engagement Ring Diamond Shape, Lab Grown Diamonds

Round diamonds are the most classic of diamond shapes, but also can be beautiful in any setting and thus be the most versatile. Modern brides have been gravitating towards round diamonds in stunning solitaire settings, which shows off the carat size of the diamond. So if you’re leaning towards a round diamond in a solitaire setting, Clean Origin recommends focusing on carat size. If you’re seeing dollar signs, you’re not wrong, but by purchasing a lab-grown diamond you can spend 20-30% less than you would on a traditional diamond—and that’s significant. Is a round diamond calling your name? Learn more about this stunning shape here.


Engagement Ring Diamond Shape, Lab Grown Diamonds

Looking for something that shines with brilliance and is completely customizable? A cushion-shaped diamond may be the choice for you. Clean Origin’s selection of cushion diamonds ranges from square to rectangular so that you can pick the cut that complements your finger. If you want to add extra sparkle to your engagement ring, and utilize a halo setting, cushion-shaped diamonds are ideal. Plus, they tend to look larger than they are, which can afford you the “wow” effect you’re going for. Sign. Us. Up.


Engagement Ring Diamond Shape, Lab Grown Diamonds

Pear shaped diamonds, also known as Teardrop, are intrinsically elegant. They have a timeless quality that can lean more vintage or more modern depending on your style. You can set them facing up, down, or even East-West to personalize the ring even more to your desires. Sit down with an expert at Clean Origin to learn about all the unique qualities of a pear cut from the correct clarity to the length-to-width ratio to go for.


Engagement Ring Diamond Shape, Lab Grown Diamonds

The oval shape has also gained popularity in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. The stone can not only appear larger than its carat size, but also can flatter a range of fingers. They also are excellent at hiding any clarity imperfections, so you can pay more attention to color and carat size to get the most for your money. Personally, we love showing off oval-shaped diamonds in a solitaire setting or set with baguette diamonds on each side for an engagement ring that is both elegant and bold.

Which shape is your style? You can browse the rest of the diamond shapes and learn about them in further detail through Clean Origin. Once you have narrowed down the shape, you can shop the wide range of diamond selections right there as well. We also think it’s important to mention that when selecting a lab-grown diamond, you are choosing an ethically sourced, environmentally friendly diamond, created in a lab that mimics the process of mined diamonds. So, not only are you purchasing a more affordable diamond, but also one that is from a more sustainable source. Plus, with decades of experience in the diamond industry, Clean Origin is not only knowledgeable about the cut, clarity, and carat, but also experts in jewelry so you know your engagement ring will be exquisite from the shape of the diamond to the setting that makes it shine. Happy shopping!

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