Why You Should Consider a Fine Art Cake For Your Wedding

Today on the blog we are talking about cake, yup you heard us right. The cake is an element of the wedding that most people either splurge on or decide to keep it traditional. We are here to tell you that a fine art cake is the way to go, no doubt about it. Now we know what you are thinking, why does my cake have to look as good as my decor, well we can almost guarantee that if you scroll on these photos will convince you. But, just in case you need a little extra push towards a fine art cake for your wedding we have rounded up 8 reasons from some of the best of the best in the wedding cake industry.

Cake: Sugar Euphoria

.01 – The Design is Cohesive

“You’ve already added the wow-factor to your ceremony using thoughtful and exquisite details and those elements of luxury are carried over to your reception. Your cake should make a statement too. Whether it’s ruffled, delicate sugar flowers, exquisite draping, or modern textural elements -You don’t want to have fabulous decor and a cake that is overly simple that will detract from the look and feel of the affair. Brides who can honor the creative process of crafting a supremely detailed cake will not be disappointed if they choose a fine art wedding cake designer.” – Randi Smith, Founder, Sugar Euphoria

 Event Planner: HoneyFitz Events, Photographer: Valorie Darling Photography

.02 – There’s a Focus on the Details

“I want to point out that a fine art cake doesn’t have to be a towering confection -it can be a small cutting cake for the couple or a 10 tier cake that stands over 4’ tall. It’s not about the size, but the attention to details and craftsmanship.” -Randi Smith, Founder, Sugar Euphoria

Cake: Sugar Euphoria

.03 – Creativity is Endless

“Identify a design element that you want to highlight. Maybe it’s the gorgeous watercolor pattern from your custom invitation suite. Or maybe it’s a piece of art that is hanging in the venue. Whatever if it is, make sure that your cake designer focuses on that particular element, so as not to make the cake too busy. For this cake, we pulled inspiration from the Moroccan tile pattern used throughout the wedding design.” Randi Smith, Founder, Sugar Euphoria

Cake: Sugar Euphoria

.04 – They Start the Design with Purpose

“Consider one or two words to describe your wedding and translate to the cake. Will your wedding have a modern feel? Consider having tiers of varying heights to add visual interest. Would you describe it as a romantic? I suggest incorporating soft sugar scrolls, beautiful sugar lace work, and a structural floral structure.” Randi Smith, Founder, Sugar Euphoria

Event Planner: Bridal Bliss, Photographer: Ashley Cook Photography, Wedding Cake: Dream Cakes

.05 – Your personality can show through

“Having a unique and artistic cake allows for it to create a design moment and focal point to highlight at your wedding! Couples can show off their personalities and even weave in designs that reflect their younger years. Our Bride grew up in Oklahoma and like a true Southern girl she loves pearls. In an ode to her hometown roots, she had her cake designed by Sweet Lady Jane to look like it was artistically covered in pearls. It was simple yet made a big statement that had special symbolism!” -Erin Sprinkel, Co-Owner of Sterling Social

Cake: Sugar Euphoria

.06 – Emphasis on the unique elements

“Stunning wedding cakes are never a bad idea! Different artistic elements can be integrated into the cake design -from flowers to sugar flower to detailed piping! There are somany ways to integrate delicate details into the perfect cake!” –HoneyFitz Events

Event Planner: SRS Events, Photographer: Rebecca Theresa Photography, Wedding Cake: Jisoo Cake Design

.07 – They take the Cake… literally

“I am a big believer in wow factors, and an elegant fine art cake is a good way to achieve one! Put it on display and wow your guests with not only a decorative focal point, but a delicious one as well!” -Nora Sheils, Founder Bridal Bliss

Event Planner: Bridal Bliss, Photographer: Deyla Huss Photography, Wedding Cake: Dream Cakes

.08 – The Possibilities are Endless

“The wedding cake is a focal point of your reception! It allows a couple to incorporate elements from their stationery design, wedding dress, wedding colors, flowers, and other design elements to create a piece of art for guests to ooh and ahh over as they enter the reception. In this example, the couple incorporated their wedding crest and hand-painted blue florals from their stationery suite, and the cake designer crafted little sugar lemons and florals to perfectly accent the cake.” -Stephanie Sadowski, SRS Event

Cake: Sugar Euphoria

Have we convinced you yet?! Let us know in the comments which cake was your favorite!!

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