Colorful Dreamsicle Wedding Inspiration

Dreamsicle and wedding are two words we never thought we would use next to each other in our time writing, but here we are. And, we have to say, we have never been so happy to be wrong in our whole lives. Today on the wedding blog we are sharing this truly creative color dreamsicle wedding inspiration. This concept ties together two of our favorite things, dreaming and well delicious creamsicles. The pairing we didn’t know the wedding industry needed. Hat’s off to the photographer, Sherri Poirier who dreamed up this totally creative concept!

The photographer Sherri Poirier shares,

When we found ourselves planning this concept, we were inspired to create a feeling of desire, and to embrace the dreamer in everyone. In a time where the world is heavy at heart, we recognized this yearning for love, a lightness within, and a delicate yet vibrant incorporation of pastel colors – all indicative of hopefulness and for what is yet to come.

Interestingly enough this guided us to use subtle hues of lavender, peach and pastel pink; all found in our local ice cream flavor called, “Moonmist”, which is a favourite in Nova Scotia on Canada’s East Coast.
This editorial, whilst tender and elegant in feel, is a tribute to this, and our bold play on color.

The ice cream inspired hues brought a youthfulness to the overall sense when selecting the tones and texture in the fabrics. We created this scene within a studio where we could work with the fabric in all its delight, however this look could certainly be achieved in any Art Gallery, or even outdoor setting, to create a modern and exciting backdrop for our couples ceremony. The studio setting enabled us to create an intimate feel allowing us to focus on connection.

The model’s welcoming yet modish hair style transforms from loose curls, to her hair softly tied by one strand of ivory ribbon which lends itself to the feeling of a softer, sweeter love.

Rebecca from Paper Chain Stationary crafted the wedding suite stationary using playful watercolor-esque tones to pay homage to the pastel ice cream color palette found in the drapery and fabrics. Lost in the fabric and lost in love …a dreamsicle delight!

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