Bridal Fashion Accessories We Can’t Get Enough Of

Bridal fashion accessories all too often gets labeled as cliche or overdone when wedding planning. We are here to say that good accessories are essential for making any outfit, never the less a bridal look. With all the pressure of wedding planning the thought of adding “find bridal fashion accessories” to your list may seem overwhelming. We get it. We have scoured the internet for the best bridal fashion accessories on the market. You can thank us later.

.01 – Blush Ruffle Gloves

Ruffle gloves, and just gloves in general have been making an appearance in the bridal fashion world. We are just going to say it, these will not be for everyone but we are big fans! Not only are they as fun as can be, but they offer an option to add some fun details to your look.

.02 – Bliss On Swimsuits

If you are getting married, you are likely going on a honeymoon, probably somewhere tropical. Are we correct in that statement? If so, we cannot recommend Bliss On Swimsuit more. They specialize in all things bridal swimsuits, and we happen to think they have the best option on the internet!

.03 – The Mrs.Clutch Totes

A timeless favorite by many, The Mrs.Clutch is designs these totes with tradition in mind. They say it best, “Each heirloom-worthy handbag is designed to be a signature piece not only on your wedding day, but a signature piece for any occasion”.

.04 – Starburst Stud Bridal Earrings

If these starburst stud bridal earrings, didn’t grab your eye, then we are not sure what will. These stunners feature a modern twist on a timeless diamond cluster earring.

.05 – Pearl Bridal Scrunchie

We are convinced that scrunchies will never go out of style. These pearl bridal scrunchies have to be the most chic bridal accessories we have seen yet. Designed by Jade Oi, we will never get over this gorgeous accessory.

.06 – Ma’am Ruth Heels

Ma’am (no pun intended) if you don’t have fun bridal heels, that are also comfy, then what are you doing? These Ruth Terra-cotta Colored Heels by Ma’am are our current picks. They are as chic as can be, and have the ability to be worn with special occasions following your wedding.

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