An Intimate Elopement in the Italy Mountains

When planning your wedding day, the location and venue are at the top of the to-do list. Having a stunning background, such as mountains, is truly ideal. For this adventurous couple, having an intimate wedding with their family next to them was the most important piece. This intimate elopement in the Italy mountains was not only a celebration of their marriage, but also a reunion with family they hadn’t seen for a while. It’s simple, breathtaking and above all, romantic in such a unique way.

The photographer shares,

“Taylor & Caleb are teachers at an international school in Thailand, and before that, they worked in the UAE. Working abroad as well as during a global pandemic, means they hadn’t seen their families for years. Their wedding day wasn’t just about them saying their wedding vows, but it was a celebration of them being reunited with their families after so long apart.

Their whole day was a celebration of family and their love of travel. It wasn’t filled with a ton of details, but the ones they chose were carefully considered. They chose a color-scheme for their guests, so the ceremony looked incredible. Taylor chose a foliage-only bouquet which was stunning. It fit perfectly with the green alpine meadows. This was the most stunning intimate elopement in the Italy mountains”

Advice from the couple:

-What were the biggest challenges you faced in planning your wedding?

“Getting all our family to Italy was a challenge since most people had not flown out of the U.S. previously. We knew that staying in one location in Italy, and creating a “family reunion” vibe was very important. On top of this, the greatest challenge I found was making sure that both families were happy, content, and enjoying themselves. Our families were incredibly important to us on our wedding day, so an adventure wedding was the ideal compromise to get exactly what I wanted.”

-What is your favorite moment/memory from the day?

“Our favorite memory from our wedding day needs to be put into two categories: our memories with family and our memories alone. Taylor loved getting ready with all the ladies during the day and Caleb loved the hot tub time after dinner where everyone was crowded in or around the spa tub drinking wine and laughing together.

Alone, we both found the first look to be the most special. It was a short moment filled with so much happy emotions we had been waiting so long to experience together.”

-Is there anything you are really glad you did? Or didn’t do?

“We are both very glad we didn’t invite more than our immediate family. Spending intimate time with the people who sincerely matter to us was priceless. We are both glad we made everyone go on the short hike with us! Not only were the views spectacular, but they got to experience an activity that is at the center of our life together, exploring new places! The night before the wedding, everyone sat in a circle and gave us advice or shared something important about us with the group. We said some prayers and shed some tears, but the activity really set the stage for the wedding day.”

-What advice would you give to other couples planning their wedding?

“Hire a planner and don’t settle for anything less than the fairytale in your head. Save up your money so you don’t have to stress when it comes to the activities surrounding your special day.”

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