A Laid Back Luxury Wedding in Cabo

This isn’t your typical beach floral style wedding, especially in a location like Cabo. Instead, it has a laid back luxury wedding vibe with candles and dried flowers throughout. It’s best described as a combination of organic, with boho elements of Baja paired with the modern edginess of downtown New York. The color palette consists of black and white, with accents of olive green and unique craft paper. Simplicity is key when you have a venue that speaks for itself. Trust us when we say, you are going to fall in love with this venue and the couple’s love story!

A love story for the books

“We met when we were 18, back in August 2009, at Washington University in St. Louis, at the start of our freshman year of college. During orientation, my friends and I happened to meet a group of guys that Ryan was a part of. Quickly, we became best friends. With parents weekend quickly approaching, we didn’t think twice about introducing our parents to each other. We went on to be inseparable best friends for all 4 years of college, but never ‘technically’ dated. We both were in other relationships for most of college. However, whenever we were “single”, or taking breaks from those relationships, we were more like friends with benefits. As much as we tried to hide this from our group of friends, they all knew what was going on. We even had a tradition called “Mondays with Mandz”, where we’d go to dinner every Monday.

After graduation, Ryan moved to Chicago and I moved to New York City. We remained very good, long distance friends, but continued to date other people. It took us until we were about 25 to question what the hell we were doing dating other people. We were on a trip together and finally admitted to one another that we were meant to be together. It took us another few months to have our first ‘real’ date, in the fall of 2017. After 6 months of dating long distance, Ryan finally moved to NYC. The life that we always wanted to live together was now reality.”

The proposal story,

Ryan proposed in July 2020 on Steps Beach in Nantucket, where his family has a home. Since I was living with his entire family during COVID, Ryan made a point to dedicate a few nights a month for “date night” for the two of us to get away and spend time together. During a planned date night, he told me he’d be surprising me with our plans and I truly thought nothing of it. In my mind, there was no way we’d be getting engaged that summer. We had been quarantining on an island and never left. I thought, “how could he even get a ring?!” (A story for another time but he almost didn’t have a ring… he didn’t even see it in person before it arrived and he had to have a family friend fly it here so that it arrived in time for the proposal).

We were walking on the beach to go get a drink at a restaurant we love, and then out of nowhere, he got down on one knee. Two photographers in disguise as beachgoers captured the entire moment. I was in shock! Then, when we walked back up to Ryan’s house, my family was there to surprise me! We spent the whole weekend celebrating with both families on Nantucket. We were finally engaged after about 2.5 years of dating and 11 years of friendship.”

Stories like that are the best, aren’t they?! You can’t beat a laid back luxury wedding. If you’re curious about Nantucket, check out this Nantucket Summer photo shoot!

vendor love

Acre Baja
Photography & Videography
Ana Hinojosa 
Steph B & Co.
Bride Shoes
Gianvito Rossi
Stage Pro
Pool Decoration
Fiesta Pop
Flower Company
Cristina Gonzalez
Ceremony Entertainment
Cabo Strings
Reception Entertainment
Welcome Sign and Seating Chart
Bells & Whistles