Winter Getaway Travel Essentials

Ah winter. It’s the holiday season and one of the most popular times of year to jet off to somewhere new. Whether you’re headed to explore Iceland, ski in Colorado, or just cozy up by the fire at your childhood home, we want to help make sure you’re prepared for the chilly weather that awaits you! Read on for a few of our must-have winter getaway travel essentials.

Winter Getaway Travel Essentials - Inspired By This

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1. Weatherproof Boots

Chic warm and waterproof footwear is a must for your winter getaway. There’s nothing worse than cold (or wet) feet! A neutral color like tan or black will go with everything else you bring.

2. Gloves

We’re based in sunny LA, so gloves are not a regular item in our wardrobe. Make sure to pack a pair for your winter getaway to keep your digits warm for all of that Instagram posting you’ll be doing!

3. Layers

Layers are a must for winter travel! You’ll likely be going from freezing outdoor temperatures to warm cuddling by the fireplace, so make sure you’re prepared for every climate. We love packing a neutral turtleneck that we can layer under everything else in our suitcase.

4. A Versatile Coat

One of the biggest challenges of winter traveling is fitting all of your clothes in a carryon suitcase. Try bringing 1 versatile coat instead of packing a different piece of outerwear for every outfit! We love a camel peacoat or an extra warm white puffer jacket.

5. Moisturizers

We’re talking every kind of moisturizer here – Face, body, lips, you name it! Winter weather can dry out your skin and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

6. A Cozy Scarf

Scarves are more than just a fun fall fashion accessory! They’re a must-pack for your winter getaway. They trap warmth and are basically just a wearable blanket. What else could you ask for!?

What are your winter travel essentials? Let us know in the comments! Then, try sipping on one of these fun winter cocktails while you pack!

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