The Metrolink Train Makes The Perfect Solo Excursion

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With the world beginning to open back up, we have been starting to feel the excitement of a summer full of the possibilities to make plans. Family reunions, back-to-back weddings, and meet-ups have left us feeling like we may not have any time for ourselves. Don’t get us wrong, we have missed being able to meet up and connect with our loved ones. But that doesn’t mean we can’t crave some “me time” as well. On our quest to come up with a fun and unique way to go on a solo excursion, we discovered Metrolink.

Metrolink provided an option to enjoy easy transportation around my region while actually experiencing the journey. I decided to dedicate an entire morning, and lunch to spend time with myself, while enjoying the beauty of Southern California. Curious to find out what my itinerary looked like? Read on to re-create the perfect Saturday morning Metrolink excursion for yourself!

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First things first — coffee. I started my solo excursion by grabbing the best coffee in town, from Hidden House Coffee roasters. Not only is their coffee delicious, but it also happens to be located right across from the San Juan Capistrano train station.

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After I had enjoyed my morning coffee, I decided to walk around old town San Juan and get a glimpse of the scenery surrounding the train station. The charming nature of the area really set the mood for the rest of the day leaving me feeling very at peace and joyful. Once I had enjoyed the scenery and talked to some of the local business owners, I decided it was time to experience the Metrolink.

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As I was standing awaiting the arrival of the train, I watched as families and commuters got ready to board the train alongside us. That being said, I used the Metrolink app to book my ticket for the day, and the process could not have been easier.

You simply click “buy tickets” and select your origin station and destination station. From there, it will ask you to select your ticket type and you’ll be good to go. Note that you will have to purchase the tickets on the day you want to use them. I was impressed with how easy and quick the whole process was.

Boarding Metrolink could not have been any easier. You simply jump on at the scheduled train departure you want, and get riding. The staff will walk around and check your tickets once you’re onboard the train. I headed to the very top level of the train to enjoy the scenic ride. Passing through Orange County was so pretty and relaxing, featuring views of the different cities along the coastline.

Stop .04

I got off the train at the Santa Ana station and headed toward brunch. I walked 5 minutes to Benchmark. The walk was beautiful and not too long at all! Once I got to Benchmark I enjoyed the most relaxing and delicious meal, while still enjoying our coffee from earlier.

I chose to have their blueberry waffles, and oh boy they did not disappoint. I was not able to grab a photo of the food, because they were so delicious, I devoured them quickly! ☺️ The ambiance of Benchmark was truly perfect for a relaxing solo excursion.

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After I had explored and dined, I decided to walk back to the Santa Ana Metrolink Station and enjoy the historic surroundings. While I waited for our return train, I met some lovely people also waiting for the train, and walked the grounds of the station. When I found these gorgeous Spanish style steps, I knew it was the perfect spot to rest from the California sun and open up our favorite book. I read along with the chirping birds, and calming breeze until our train pulled up.

Back to San Juan Capistrano I went, and I wrapped up the lovely solo excursion on a wonderful scenic ride back to the starting point. If you live in Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernadino, Riverside, or San Diego County, I highly recommend spending a Saturday morning getting to know Southern California, and yourself for that matter — in a whole new light.

Ready to go on your next solo excursion? Let us know in the comments where you are heading!

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