5 Things to Pack for your Kids on a Winter Getaway

Whether you’re venturing out on a winter vacation or just trying to keep your kids entertained during a snow day, there are some essential items you need for 1) safety, and 2) sanity (both yours and your kids). So, on IBT today we are sharing our five favorite things to pack for your kids on a winter getaway! 

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Winter Clothes

If you’ve ever spent time in cold weather, you know your clothes will make you or break you. When getting kids ready for the cold (and especially the snow!) there are 2 key things to remember – layer, layer, layer… and make sure it’s waterproof! We keep the base layers simple, using warm clothes that are already in the closet. But when it comes to outerwear, we’ve invested in snowsuits/snow pants, snow jacket and wool socks and snow boots (waterproof shoes are a must). Some of our favorite brands to shop for kiddos are 686 (how cute is this floral print snowsuit?!) and Columbia.


Winter Accessories

Along with winter clothes, winter accessories are a must. From beanies, to gloves and goggles, it’s important to have all the proper odds and ends. We love beanies with ear flaps for extra warmth and protection! We always go waterproof on the gloves – mittens won’t cut it in the snow! Look for gloves that have velcro or some kind of adjustment on the wrist so you can tighten to ensure no snow or water leaks through. If your kid is going to be participating in any snow sports, invest in a good pair of goggles! Our favorite so far for kids is the Cadet Snow Goggle by Spy. We also suggest attaching a whistle to your active kids’ snowsuit just in case of an emergency.



If you’ve got young kids that aren’t able to walk well in the snow (let alone ski or snowboard), a sled will save your life! Not only can you transport them easily, but you’ll also keep them happy and entertained (and give yourself a good workout). We’ve tried several different kinds, and our favorite is the basic Flexible Flyer sleds that are long so you can fit multiple kids in at a time, and don’t break the bank when they inevitably break. 


Sand Castle Toys

Did you know sand toys make great snow toys too?? One of our favorite mom hacks is to bring out all the sand toys from summer to use in the snow. Shovels and buckets are great for moving snow around, and the molds work perfectly in the snow. Our kids love creating ice castles and snow molds.



Typical snow weather includes very dry air, which after playing in all day, will leave your kids with chapped lips, chapped cheeks and dry skin. We’ve made applying chapstick, face balm and lotion part of our “coming in” routine to help keep our kids’ skin happy and healthy. Some of our favorite brands are Babyganics and Attitude

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