Why this Nashville boutique hotel is the perfect U.S. getaway

It has gotten to the point of 2020 where we are willing to go or try just about anything. The chaotic nature of this year has gotten to all of us, between navigating shut-downs, and covid restrictions we knew we needed to book some time away from home. When we started researching where we wanted to go we knew we wanted to be in a lively city. Quarantine has ignited a new love of being surrounded by people we never knew we had. So as we sat flipping through, city after city, it dawned on us, Nashville!!! Yes, that was it. We knew right then and there we needed to go explore Nashville again. In the planning process, we happen to have stumbled upon the most adorable Nashville boutique hotel that we knew we needed to explore. Needless to say, Henrie House, turned out to be the perfect getaway for us to re-charge and re-connect! We would ever go so far as to say it is the perfect getaway in the U.S. scroll on to see our reasons.

Image via @mollysohr

A Cozy Night’s Sleep

From the vintage-inspired decor to the cozy details, this modern boutique hotel provided the best night’s sleep. From the moment we stepped into our room we felt calm and relaxed like we had just stepped into our very own french countryside manor. That’s right it was so cozy it genuinely felt like it could have been our home away from home.

French-inspired dining

Did that title, “french inspired dining” peak your interest? Well, we are happy to report the decor and ambiance was just as fabulous as you can imagine. We mean… just look at the color palette of salmon pinks and mint greens!


Freshen Up in the Grand Bathroom

Want to know our favorite part of the whole stay? Yes, you guessed it right, it was the luxurious bathroom. We have heard many times that you can tell a great accommodation by the level of detail in their powder room. And, oh boy are we happy to report this grand bathroom was just as amazing in person!

Thank you to our friends at Henrie House, for hosting us in your stunning Nashville boutique hotel! We can’t wait till we can stay again!

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