Itching For Fall Foliage? Here Are Our Top 3 Places To See It

When the leaves and weather begin to change, so does that inner feeling we all get. The feeling of warmth, comfort, peace, and relaxation overtakes us all, and it’s arguably the best part of the season. The rich red, orange, and yellow colors bursting out from under the sun are some of the most refreshing views one could see. Today on the blog, we are showing you our top 3 places to see some fall foliage and trust us, you won’t want to miss this one.

01. Upstate New York

Image via @helloomelissa

Upstate New York is home to some of the most breathtaking fall foliage in the United States. If you’re looking for a scenic drive through the leaves, you should consider visiting Park Road in Letchworth State Park. Park Road runs along the Genesee River and features 14,350 acres of fall foliage that is exhilarating to the eye. The best part of Park Road would have to be Inspiration Point. If you make it here you will find an astounding view of waterfalls and the prettiest color show that will be sure to take your breath away.

02. New Hampshire

Image via @alberthbyang

The next best place for fall foliage is in New Hampshire. Treat yourself and take a drive along Route 112, and prepare yourself for an overwhelming amount of color that completely absorbs the sky. You’ll see that the best fall foliage is from the northwest to the southeast. If you visit the Lake Region in the north, you won’t regret the views you’ll witness.

03. Great Smoky Mountains

Image via @greatsmokymountainspictures

The list of our top 3 places to see fall foliage is almost over, with the Smoky Mountains being the last destination. Here you will find an abundance of sugar maples, hickories, sweetgum, scarlet oaks, red maples, and plenty of other kinds of native trees. If you enjoy the outdoors, then you’ll have to take a hike towards Rainbow Falls. Rainbow Falls is one of the best points to hike to in the Smoky Mountains. Trust us, getting to see the colorful leaves for yourself will be worth the trip.

Fall foliage is one of the prettiest views someone can experience. It’s hard to turn away when the colorfully warm leaves completely absorb the sky. We hope you get the chance to visit one of these places and enjoy the fall foliage for yourself this season.