Creative Ways To Incorporate Your Furry Friends Into Your Travel

Summer is quickly approaching, and that means a much-needed vacation is too. If you’re wondering if your sweet pup or any other furry friend of yours should join you, the answer is yes! Today on the blog we’re sharing creative ways to incorporate your furry friends into your travel. Treat your furry friends to an adventure of a lifetime this summer and keep reading!

01. Take Them To A Doggie Bar

Image via @muttscatina

Yes, dog park bars exist, and we immediately planned a trip to one when we first learned of this. If you’re going to Texas, Colorado, or Arizona, you should check out Mutt’s Canine Catina! This puppy wonderland will be a great way for you and your pup to socialize. Your pup can play and meet new friends in one of their many miniature dog parks while you enjoy a cocktail and some appetizers. It’s a win-win!

02. Take them Canoeing

A lake trip is a family favorite during this time of year. If you’re taking a vacation at the lake this summer, bring your pup with you! Especially for the more adventurous pet, they’ll enjoy an exciting canoe adventure. Plus, they’ll have opportunities for sunbathing, swimming, hiking, and maybe even seeing some wildlife!

03. Go to the Dog Beach!

Image via @obi.wan.thecorgi

If the beach is in your summer plans, a dog beach should be added to the list. Any dog will love the chance for endless running along the shoreline, playing fetch in the waves, and soaking up the sun. Plus, it’s an excellent way for you to combine two amazing things: sunshine and puppies everywhere!

04. Drive-In Movies

Image via @Pinterest

If your pup likes to snuggle, this one is for you. If you’re on vacation and looking for a relaxing night, consider taking a movie night outdoors. Many cities have drive-in movie theaters that are easy to take your pup to! Grab a blanket, grab some treats (along with dog treats), and prepare your puppy for an immersive movie experience.

05. Visit a Winery

If your pup is more chilled-out, they might appreciate a slow day at a winery. Also, if the winery lets its guests have picnics, this is even better. All you need is some comfy chairs, a picnic blanket, and all the food and wine you want. This way, your chill pup can do what it does best: eat and sleep!

Don’t allow yourself to miss your pup while you’re on vacation this year, and take them with you. We’re sure everyone will have a blast with these creative ways to incorporate your furry friends into a vacation!

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