How to Find the Perfect Solo Getaways If You’re Single This Valentine’s Day

The day of reckoning is approaching. The holiday that some love to hate or hate to love. A yearly reminder to avoid social media and dinner reservations. Valentine’s Day. We all know it approaches as friends search for the perfect gift for their significant other or put the final touches on their Galentine’s Day party. House divided has never been more applicable. As if the stress of reflecting on one’s own relationship status was not enough, juggling the actions and emotions of friends adds another piece of the puzzle. With a year like 2020 behind us, we look for constant ways to make sure our own mental health is focused on.

Being single in 2021 is the perfect opportunity for self-reflection and growth. Take yourself out of the Hussle and Bussle of Valentine’s Day commotion and… breathe. While we know work and responsibilities can keep you from being able to completely leave reality behind, there are ways to escape without having to travel far at all. Here we have compiled amazing ways to take yourself on a relaxing getaway while recognizing life in a pandemic makes travel look different these days. Make this Valentine’s Day one that you remember for yourself. For your peace.  

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 While we can’t give all the answers when it comes to love, we can give you some opportunities to take advantage of loving yourself. Getting away for the weekend could be the perfect answer to unnecessary worrying and comparing yourself to others. Being single holds some of its own advantages…no need to share dessert and total control over Netflix movie choice of the night. Chocolate covered strawberries are a solo food anyway. So, turn your phone off, wear your comfiest clothes, and make your way to a getaway of your very own. And if you need champagne recommendations…let us know.  

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