9 Exotic Travel Destinations You Haven’t Thought of Yet

With every other influencer traveling the world to far off places these days, our bucket list is growing at an unattainable rate. And when it comes time to finally book that flight, it feels like the land has been overrun with other tourists who also saved that travel influencer’s photo to their “dream vacation” folder. And while there actually is nothing wrong with following the crowd and seeing what all the much-deserved fuss is about, that’s not why we are here today. If you are curious where to travel for a unique, under the radar experience you are in for a treat! The Venue Report says these exotic travel destinations likely aren’t on your radar yet – but absolutely should be. We double checked our list and can confirm that we hadn’t thought of visiting any one of these places yet – but now they are at the very top! And by the time you’re finished paging through them, we are pretty sure the incredible, awe-inspiring, untouched (OK, almost), exotic travel destinations will be way up there for you too!

Exotic Travel Destinations You Can’t Miss

1. For the tropical islander: Cat Ba Island, Vietnam

Exotic Travel Destinations
Photo via Olivier Langevin

2. For the adventurous foodie: Chengdu, China

Exotic Travel Destinations
Photo via The Lovely Escapist

3. For the culture seeker: Doha, Qatar

Exotic Travel Destinations
Photo via Radoslaw Prekurat

4. For the European vacationer: The Turkish Rivieria

Exotic Travel Destinations
Photo Aman Resorts

5. For the wine connoisseur: Maule Valley, Chile

Exotic Travel Destinations
Photo via Kelsey Chance

6. For the history (and wine) nerd: Matera, Italy

Exotic Travel Destinations
Photo via Giuseppe Mondi

7. For the winter adventurer: Lofoten Islands, Norway

Exotic Travel Destinations
Photo via Manuel Meurisse

8. For the Cabo obsessed: Costa Palmas, Mexico

Exotic Travel Destinations
Photo via Aman Resorts

9. For the safari explorer: Namibia

Exotic Travel Destinations
Photo via Justine De Gennes

For more exotic travel destinations, check out 22 Places That Are Seriously Trending for 2019 (& Where to Go Instead). Or maybe you are looking for somewhere a little more local – perhaps the perfect girls weekend getaway?

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