Blogger Stephanie Liu Shares Her Winter Skin Care Routine

Is your skin feeling tired, puffy, dry, or dull? Welcome to winter. If you’re still following the same routine you did back in September – stop! Just like your closet, your beauty cabinet should change with the weather. Blogger Stephanie Liu of Honey N Silk, knows a thing or two about beauty and caring for your skin in all seasons (have you seen her skin?!). She’s just the person to share why it’s important to switch out your typical products for a winter skin care routine that can combat those specific winter skin problems. Stephanie shares the 5 products she swears by, why she loves them, and how she works them into her winter skin care routine with us here. 

Winter Skin Care Routine, winter skincare routine

I love cozying up in soft knits and cute layers when sweater weather arrives, but on the other hand, my skin dries up from the brisk air and the heat circulating in our home. It’s so essential to adapt your skincare routine through the seasons and during winter, I switch to more oil-based products that are super moisturizing and soothing for my acne-prone, sensitive skin. It’s also a bit oily in my t-zone, but oil-based products are great for combating oily skin.

The Essentials

May Lindstrom Pendulum Potion
Ranavat Rose Tonique
Kjaer Weis Face Oil
Buly 1803 Cream
January Labs Moisture Renew Mask

My Winter Skin Care Routine

Winter Skin Care Routine, winter skincare routine

1. I cleanse with May Lindstrom Pendulum Potion, which is made with a purifying blend of nourishing, antioxidant oils. I dispense 2-3 pumps into my hands and bring it to my nose to breathe in the indulgent aroma deeply. I massage the oil gently into my skin and watch as my makeup just melts away. I use a soft muslin cloth dampened with water to completely remove the oil.

Winter Skin Care Routine, winter skincare routine 

2. For plump, moisturized skin in the winter, layering up is key. I spritz hydrating Rose Tonique from Ranavat Botanics and let it absorb into my skin before putting on my face oil.

3. I love Kjaer Weis The Beautiful Oil for its organic blend including rosehip seed oil, sweet almond oil, and jojoba oil that delivers naturally dewy skin and glowing radiance.

4. Lastly, I layer a light cream on top to seal it all in.

Winter Skin Care Routine, winter skincare routine 

5. 2-3 times a week, I give my skin some more TLC with a mask. January Labs Moisture Renew Mask is so easy to use – I slather on a thick layer for 20-30 minutes, or sometimes, I just leave it on overnight if I feel extra parched. This one rejuvenates your skin’s natural barrier with hyaluronic acid and squalane.

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