Easy DIY Hair Updo

Going out for date night with your hubby?  Or maybe you’re a bridesmaid in one of your best friend’s wedding this weekend?  The hair pressure is on!  Don’t panic…we’ve all been there!  You want your hair to look nice but also want something a little different and fancier than your every day look.  An updo is the perfect solution but most girls think that the only way they can pull one off is with the help of a pro.  Luckily, you have Kacee Geoffroy (one of our favorites and all time hair crushes) who has created this super simple DIY updo just for you!  It’s 7 steps with 6 supplies and voila…you’re rockin’ an updo that girls will either love you or hate you for 😉


Follow these steps and click through the slideshow above to get this easy DIY hair updo…

1.  Spray dry shampoo to roots and massage into scalp.
2.  Tease front sections framing the face
3.  Lightly spray with hairspray and shape front of hair as you like
4.  Gather hair in high ponytail and secure with rubber band
5.  Tease ponytail lightly
6.  Twist ponytail loosly and shape into messy, loose bun.  Secure bun with pins
7.  Add sparkly head band

How did you do!?  Let us know in the comments below and show us on Instagram by tagging @inspiredbythisblog and hashtagging #IBTdiy!

Photography: Corey Morgan
Headband: Two’s Company
Hair: Kacee Geoffroy

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