A Traveler’s Guide To The Ultimate Winter Wardrobe

It’s about time we all cozy on up by the fireplace, and when we do, we might as well make it a fashion statement. With the holiday season brewing, that also means plenty of travel to see all of your favorite loved ones. If you’re looking for ways to dress up during the winter time, then look no further. On the blog today we are giving you our traveler’s guide to the ultimate winter wardrobe. Trust us, you won’t want to miss this!

01. Shackets

Image via @foursistersboutique

It’s not just a jacket, it’s a shacket! These shackets are all anyone can talk about this season, and if you get yourself one, you will look oh-so trendy this winter. Designed to look fabulous and keep you warm simultaneously, these shackets are a win-win situation!

02. Blazer

Image via @Laurajadestone

Are you a busy working gal? Say less, because we have you covered. Whether you are running to the office, a meeting, or even a day out on the town, a stylish blazer is essential in any wardrobe. Not only will a blazer protect you from the chilly winter air, but it will complete any look you have in your closet. Keep it business-casual, or professional, and add a fab blazer to your look. You won’t regret it.

03. Lug Sole Boots

Image via thesweetestthingblog

A great winter look is nothing without some staple boots for the season. If you’re wanting some sleek boots that go with everything, you’re going to want to purchase some Lug Sole Boots. Not only are these boots great for walking in the snow, but they will keep you looking stylish while doing it!

04. Turtlenecks

Image via @theworkinggirl

Turtlenecks are the best layering piece to any winter outfit. You can be warm and cozy while looking chic and put together. Our advice is to purchase a couple of turtlenecks in some neutral tones. This way, you can have some go-to layering options that will match every outfit!

05. Sweater Vests

Image via @altardstate

Before you say anything about how your grandfather used to wear sweater vests, hear us out. Sweater vests are in, and they are coming in hot. Sweater vests serve as another great layering option, and by adding a button-down, skirt, or even that turtleneck from earlier, you will certainly be turning heads! This look is definitely for those who love the preppy style and trust us, we are in love with it too!

Winter is coming, and it’s coming fast. We hope you feel prepared with our traveler’s guide to the ultimate winter wardrobe. No matter where you are traveling this winter, you will be ready with these five staple items!