Welcome to the Dark Side Birthday Party

Welcome to the dark side, where the kid’s parties out-do any party you have ever seen! Yes, you heard us right, this welcome to the dark side birthday party is the perfect mix between a creative party theme and amazing decor. It comes as no surprise to us that this adorable dark side birthday party was one planned by one of our favorite planners, Hello Pretty Events who also happens to be the momma of the birthday boy. Scroll on to see every last detail from this adorable event!

The planner, event stylist and mother Hello Pretty Events shares,

Our family are Star War Nerds so it was fitting to do a double, YODA BEST BROTHER” Star Wars themed party for our son’s dark side birthday!  We love star wars so much that we named our dog YODA and our work van, Phasma. Please see our attached blog on this event that highlights each vendor and a little more about the planning process.

An excerpt from her blog details this event perfectly,

Hello travelers!  Welcome to Ethan & Emmett’s galactic takeover.  One can only assume you’ve traveled all this way to the galaxy’s edge to pledge your allegiance to the Dark Side birthday.  You may find remnants of the resistance, but I assure you, they are no threat to The Empire.  Take a look around our facilities, and discover even more reasons why you’ve made the right decision alongside with other experts whose trades have no comparison to any other.  Join the journey that helped create the best takeover this lightyear! 

We have gathered everyone today in an effort to allow others to join the success of the Dark Side birthday.  Hello Pretty Event‘s planning, designing, rentals, styling and Home Love Rentals‘ co-styling put on this grand ceremony to allow others to join our side, because you know, we don’t just take anyone.  Check out each stylist’s site to see which services or rentals could assist you in your very own takeover! This amazing marquee light display was powered by Up In Lights OC.  A signal that can be seen across all galaxies.  This family team assembled each letter and set it up just in time for opening ceremonies.  It was very evil eye catching!  These incredible balloon installations were put together by Drea Savy Designs.  Balloons were assembled with great purpose and pumped by our top technological machinery.  Drea Savy Designs went to great lengths with each balloon installation.  We have a factory of tanks filled with air captured in specified pockets of our spacecraft during hyperspace travel.  What latex contraption can contain this type of air quality but those provided by Qualatex.  Although Qualatex balloons are serving the Empire great looks, colors, and quality, this company focuses on sustainability and provides resources to help educate and communicate on the topic of balloons and the environment on all planets including: Naboo, Tatooine, Coruscant, Earth, etc.  We need to save some planets if we want to rule them- am I right??  

Backdrops were handmade and shipped on the best and sturdiest cargo ship by Sawdust Guilt.  Sawdust Guilt made each backdrop and character silhouette.  Chewbacca here stands 7.5 ft tall and made an incredible statement to start off the celebrations.  He didn’t even need to say a word and the crowd went wild!  Get your orders in before October 15, 2021, as this company will be venturing on a vacation with Star Tours until some time next year.  “I am lost without CHEW bro” has a one of a kind supporting cast.  The florals and cast members will be mentioned in its very own sections.  Stay tuned for further details and secrets of this galactic takeover…    

Space travel requires its very own safety regulations.  It’s very important to stay safe and clean when traveling through space.  This sanitizer station arch and sign was made by Crafting Gemms.  These acrylic stands and signs are laser cut with the strongest and most precise light sabers.  You know it’s high quality by the way it shines under just one Sun.  Outpost traders would bargain a lot for these gems!  Put your order in and get your own laser cut signs so onlookers will know exactly how to navigate your facility.  You don’t want to end up sending them down the trash shoot for misconduct!  This grid wall and character silhouette are available to rent from Hello Pretty Events.  All personalized vinyl lettering was made personally by Hello Pretty Events.  So upon entering, remember to stop by the sanitizer station to ensure no space bugs get through and enjoy the party! 

Bringing life all the way from Endor, Day Dream Studio LA traveled far and wide for this mixture of dried and fresh florals.  This was no easy feat as Day Dream Studio LA had to travel over treacherous fields and passes filled with Rebel Spies just to get some tumbleweeds, pampas stems, and other dried florals.  Dried Palm and banana leaves were taken straight from Ewok huts.  They were too busy sharpening their sticks to notice they were gifted a new sunroof.  So ungrateful!  They can thank her later.  Gathering roses was a bit safer as it was far away from Ewok headquarters.  These fresh roses were vibrantly colored with sunset-like hues made from just the right amount of moon-burn from the planet’s 9 moons.  The risk was worth the outcome!  Centerpieces, single stems, and statement pieces were featured throughout each station and can’t be missed under the bright sun rays of Earth.  Send an inquiry for original florals for your next celebration before Day Dream Studio LA gets booked on other missions! 

Don’t hyper sleep on this backdrop by Paper Garden Xoxo.  This wooden arch backdrop served as a portal to draw eyes from all corners of the galaxy so we could have their full attention.  It took center stage for speeches and traditional song.  To our pleasant surprise, it also served as a stage for showing true dedication to The First Order with cake to the face of both honorees.  There’s no space for the weak here.  Lucky for them, The Force is strong with those two.  

When it’s snack time for Troopers in training, have them sit in these mini Trooper-sized chairs.  Vinyls on the back of chairs were personalized by Hello Pretty Events.  The added dramatic silhouettes were to commemorate the epic battle of Star Wars- that we won btw.  This table can be used as a kid’s table or a picnic table for adults.  The table, chairs, candlesticks/holders, and tableware are available to rent from Hello Pretty Events.  The First Order’s kids will soon learn Empire etiquette by the simple observation of utensil placements and chargers, snack plates, and acrylic laser cut plate deco.  Who said it couldn’t be fun and educational while they eat?  They can quiz each other on Rebel vs. Empire facts while they wait to be served with the galaxy’s finest culinary experiences.  Laser-cut plate deco was created by Crafting Gemms.  You can inquire with Crafting Gemms to create laser-cut, acrylic plate deco, drink stirs, and desert deco too!  Everyone can cheers with pride with these kid’s cups made by La Luna Adore.  La Luna Adore makes personalized, customized, and handmade gifts and event decorations.  She makes custom sets and personalizes kid’s backpacks so they can go to Trooper Training prepared and in style!   

Speaking of the galaxy’s finest culinary experiences, The Jolly Sheep definitely got the approval of the Emperor.  (Others who came before and failed to meet the standards of our leaders were exiled).  The Jolly Sheep curated fresh flavors from all over the galaxy.  Their mission?  To fight for space creatures’ welfare.  Every item purchased will have some Credits go towards protecting these four-legged, woolly, creatures in need.  This delicacy has a base of ice crystals gathered from the highest mountains at Hoth’s Echo Base.  Fruits like strawberries, watermelon, and blueberries and syrups like mango and strawberry were foraged from the bogs and wetlands of Dagobah.  You know the fruits are the brightest and sweetest in humid climates!  The place where Yoda planted some tasty goodies.  No wonder why he escaped there.  Hoarding all of these flavors for himself!  Good thing The Jolly Sheep caught wind of this secret treat to add to their ice crystal, bog-fruit, dessert!  Check out The Jolly Sheep for your next celebration or corporate event. The clear acrylic sign on the cart was handmade by Irresistible Creations and brought right to the edge of the galaxy just for this ceremony of celebration and recruitment.  This sign was made to provide a clear menu of choices.  It’s not only professional, it’s necessary.  Irresistible Creations makes custom orders from Star Wars signs to Trooper tumblers.  Check out all their merch and see how you can rep The First Order or any other personalized items you want to show off!       

Want to read more? Visit the Hello Pretty Events blog for the full story!

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Planning, Design & Co-Styling
Hello Pretty Events
Photographer and Videographer
Live Past Five
Silhouette of Star Wars Characters
Sawdust Guilt
Shaved Ice and Popcorn
The Jolly Sheep
Laser Cut Goods
Crafting Gemms
Kid’s Cups
La Luna Adore
Live Balloon Art
Balloon Workz
Thank You Stickers
Stickers by Vee
Mylar Balloons
Northstar Balloons
Latex Balloons
Star Wars Characters
Orange County Characters
Marquee Letters
Up In Lights OC
Kid’s Table Backdrop
Paper Garden xoxo

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