The Products That Help This Mom of 4 Thrive (Not Just Survive)

Let’s be real, being a mom of four means there is way more surviving than thriving happening. You are balancing so many different schedules: naps, school, activities, doctor appointments, etc. Plus you’re spending most of your waking moments breaking up squabbles and preparing different meals or snacks for picky eaters. Throw in other baby and kid milestones like teething and potty training and life as you know it is basically over! Yes, while most the time I feel like I’m just surviving, I do have moments of thriving when I think “I got this!”. Those moments give me hope and keep me going! So today, I’m sharing some of the products that contribute to more of those moments and help me thrive as a mom of four.

Being A Mom of Four and Thriving

1. Uppa Stroller Set – I’ve been using Uppa Baby’s vista stroller set and Mesa infant car seat for the past 6 years, ever since my 1st child was born. You guys, I have 3 kids on it at a time while I’m wearing my littlest guy. Between the main seat, 2nd seat add on, and the skateboard I can easily attach whenever I need it, I am covered. The quality of these strollers is unmatched. I also recently got their newest infant car seat made with Merino wool and without fire retardant chemicals, and I love it so much!

2. Boob Nursing Gear – Their tops and bras are an investment for sure, but for the past 2 years I have used them endlessly. Both while I’m pregnant, and for the many days and months of nursing when baby arrives. I mostly love their tops because of their convenient openings for feeding my baby on the go. Plus, they are so cute, so it’s a win-win!

3. Solly Baby Wrap – Hands-free is the best way to navigate a life with kids, and having baby close to my chest as much as possible is a benefit too. I treat myself and get a new solly baby wrap with each pregnancy! I have them stashed in different places so it’s convenient to wrap him up wherever I am. One in the car, one in my diaper bag, one in my mudroom and one in my bedroom.

Being A Mom of Four and Thriving

4. Baby Bump Ball – This ball is a part of my daily routine, from bouncing on it with a fussy baby to sitting on it in my home office while I work. It’s versatile. The 6 little legs keep the ball from rolling out from under you and from rolling all around the dirty floor. They also double as handles making it very easy to carry from room to room, especially when I’m holding a baby in one arm. Of course, they’re made of the highest quality materials, have no harmful chemicals, and are environmentally friendly.

5. Willow Pump – Pumping on the go? What a concept! I’ll say it again, giving yourself another way to be hands-free is such a huge help! I haven’t used it too often since my little guy is struggling with taking a bottle, but I love the convenience being able to pump while I’m doing 99 other things at home. Plus there are just a few parts so you don’t have to juggle cords and big equipment.

6. Soundbub – A. Must. Have. It’s a portable “on the go” white noise type of device that has ocean and rain sounds. I can’t leave my house without it. I have the owl design and have used it now for 2 babies. Worth every penny.

Being A Mom of Four and Thriving

7. Veer Stroller with Car Seat Adapter – This stroller is so game changing for me. When we walk to the park I can have 3 kids in the wagon and then clip on the car seat to the Veer as well. It’s the nicest, most functional, good looking stroller/wagon that is out there. It has been a life saver for me and my husband to get all the kids out of the house to soak up the sun while cruising around the neighborhood. We are so thrilled with it!!

8. Rockermama –  The Rockermama is a must if one of your kids is a baby! It’s a portable and lightweight device that turns any chair into a rocking chair. So when you’re toting around a grumpy baby to dance class, doctors offices, sporting games, even airplanes (!!), etc. you can give him/her the soothing comfort of a rocker.

9. Nuna Toddler Converter Seat – When you have 4 kids in car seats you need something slim and light and easy for your kids to buckle themselves in and out of! I’ve been so happy with this particular car seat. It can be used from pre-k onward with 8 different positions and an adjustable headrest. It will cycle through each of my kids. It’s durable and so easy to wipe off and clean when there are snack spills and potty accidents.

Being A Mom of Four and Thriving

10. Lucy Darling Baby Book – I’ve gotten one for each of my kids and have actually filled them all—can you believe it? Well, I haven’t done my 5-month-old’s book yet but I’m ordering photos for it now. My daughter who is 6 asks to go through her book several times a week before bedtime. I couldn’t be happier with Lucy’s line of baby books. She has really cute hangers too that I’ve passed down from baby to baby and I love them!

Do you have multiple little ones? What products help you thrive on a daily basis?  

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