Three Bump Friendly Outfit Ideas

The mantra of almost every mama-to-be we’ve met has been “No pants no problem!” While this definitely is the most comfortable option during the time of a woman’s life when little to nothing is comfortable, it isn’t necessarily acceptable in public. So unless you live in a nudist colony or a private island, you’ve got to dress that bump up! We came up with three bump-friendly outfit ideas for the days when you want to look your best, even though you may not feel it!


The Trailblazer Mom-to-Be

Okay, so we all know the staples of expectant mothers everywhere: a maxi dress. It is comfortable and flattering, but it can start feeling a bit overdone when you’ve worn it for the umpteenth time. The solution? An oversized blazer to save the day! It will automatically make your ‘fit look infinitely chicer. It’s still got all the comfort of your tried and true maxi, only with a little more warmth. You can even wear it again after baby! Let’s all agree to never let the oversized trend die so we can get all the wear out of our maternity clothes during every stage of life!

Bump Friendly Outfit Ideas

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The Overall Fashionable Mom-to-Be

Overalls speak to us for so many reasons. You can wear them just about anywhere. Running errands? Yes. Going out with friends? Painting a nursery during your nesting frenzy? Also yes! You can dress them up with a cute blouse or sweater underneath, or you can dress them down with a soft T-shirt underneath (because soft is so important). And when your little bundle of joy enters this world, get them a matching pair and you’ll be #momgoals for sure!

Bump friendly outfit ideas

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The Mom-to-Be Who’s Got it All Under Wraps

One of the key virtues of maternity clothing is versatility. Your body is experiencing a lot of beautiful changes, and your clothes need to be there for all of them! Thus, the beauty of the wrap dress. They are adjustable and just as fashionable as they are flattering. I mean, if Kate Middleton has them as a staple in her wardrobe, then they certainly are good enough for anyone!

Bump friendly outfit ideas

Photo: @melissackoh

So set some time aside in between doctor’s appointments, showers, naps and putting together baby furniture to grab yourself a couple of great maternity outfits! It’s easy to not feel beautiful all the time during a pregnancy. But, it is a beautiful time and beautiful experience, and dressing in these bump-friendly outfit ideas will help you feel that pregnancy glow!

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