The Nursery Must-Haves That Are Worth The Splurge

If you’re reading this, it’s too late… Just kidding! Totally kidding! We know there may not feel like there’s enough time in the world to accomplish everything you need to get done before the baby comes, but trust us, you can and will, get it done! Out of all items on the pre-baby checklist, creating the nursery space has to be the most fun of them all! Not only do we live in a time where the sky is the limit for cute nursery decor, but you can also order almost anything with the click of a mouse without getting off the couch! So, if you happen to find yourself currently or anytime in the near future relaxing (which you deserve, by the way), let us do the work to help you build the nursery of your dreams! We’ve found the absolute best nursery must-haves that are worth every penny! Sit back, relax, maybe grab a snack and scroll your way to your #nesting goals!


A Cute and Comfy Rocking Chair

The picture of motherhood: you sit there in a warmly lit nursery, rocking your sleeping baby to sleep. Candles are glowing. Your hair is shiny. You can nearly fit back into your pre-baby jeans already. Life is good.

Okay, so that picture may be horribly unrealistic, but you can still have that picture-perfect rocking chair! Whether you’re trying to rock him/her to sleep or sitting there as you watch baby sleep, you need your chair to be as comfortable as it is chic, and this chair fits the bill perfectly. Let’s rock (a bye baby)!

Image via Pottery Barn

Organic Crib Mattress

Of all the nursery must-haves, a space to get a good night’s sleep might just top the list. But you don’t just want baby to catch some Z’s (though oh how you want that), you also want them to do it in the healthiest and safest way. Choosing a quality crib mattress will make all the difference in all of this. You want to limit your baby’s exposure to chemicals during the day, and that policy shouldn’t switch off with the lights at night! Investing in a quality mattress is key for sound snoozes and sweet dreams for you and your little one!

Photo by Mckenzie Coyle Photography, Featured here

A Reliable Woven Basket and Bassinet

The idea of “fashion over function” might fly out the window the moment your water breaks, but that’s no excuse to exclude fashion and function! That sweet spot where the two overlap is also where this beautiful basket and bassinet is. Not only will it take your nursery aesthetic up to a whole new level, but it’s also quality, so that means it’s another quality spot for your baby to sleep! With a bassinet, you will be the envy of new moms everywhere as they see your chic nursery and you get to see the back of your eyelids for a bit while your bundle of joy snoozes.

Image by  Kandis Marino, Featured here

Plush and Comfy Area Rug

Okay, we said that these are all nursery must-haves, and they have been, but this is the must-haviest of nursery must-haves. You completely need a big, plush rug because you and your baby will be spending time on the floor. You can’t let their sweet little knees get carpet burn when they’re learning to crawl, and you don’t want to feel itchy when you inevitably fall asleep spend a lot of time on this rug. Save yourself the drama and discomfort and add a plush rug to your cart today!

Image via @burtsbeesbaby

An Easily Accessible Bookshelf

As if your nursery wasn’t cute enough, now you’ve been given all these books to put in it that make you cry every time you read them (just blame it on the hormones). You can’t just not display these precious books, so we recommend you go ahead and invest in a bookshelf. Not only should it be cute (we don’t waste time on things that aren’t cute), but also easy to access that way once baby turns toddler, they can easily go over to shelves and pick out a selection for you to read to them at night!

Image via West Elm


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