Rose Colored Camouflage Nursery

Think pink camouflage can’t be chic? Think again! This rose colored nursery is as chic as can be, and yes, camouflage is present in a BIG way, as in adorning every wall. And we love it! The wallpaper inspired the room and created an almost-neutral backdrop for Dina Bandman to work her magic. If you recognize the designer’s name, it’s probably because the last room we featured by her, this Lemondrop nursery, is one of our all time favorites. Her work is always fun, fresh, and out of the box. Yet, somehow the nurseries, even when filled with color and ornate decor, are still incredibly calming and elegant. Read on to see the rest of this sweet nursery and hear from Dina all about it.

1. Tell us a little about the homeowners and the whimsical wallpaper you used in their nursery.

This nursery was designed for one of the founders of Aqualille (a fabulous new wall covering firm based in New York). Their wall coverings are gorgeous – all hand painted and absolutely stunning. This installation was one of Aqualille’s first so we definitely wanted it to be special.

2. What was your inspiration for this room and where did you start?

My client generally leans towards neutral decor and modern styles, but after learning she was having a baby girl, she wanted to make an exception and so she was ALL about a pink princess theme for this room. We blended this concept with more modern elements to create a baby’s room that was traditionally pink and fit for a princess, but a modern princess with a fierce sense of style. The pink Camo pattern of the wall covering brings a fresh twist to the space and the streaks of silver throughout the pattern add a serene feeling to the room.

Rose Colored Camouflage Nursery - Inspired by This Rose Colored Camouflage Nursery - Inspired by This

3. How does this design represent your personal design philosophy?

This design really embodies my philosophy of blending traditional pieces with fresh new designs to breathe life into traditional schemes. This room definitely has its traditional moments – e.g., the canopy over the crib and the traditional trim and tassels on the drapery, but I’ve added more modern elements to keep it interesting such as the lucite crib, the lacquered dresser and of course the Camo wallpaper!

4. Tell us more about that lucite crib! Why do you love working with lucite?

I did indeed design it! The crib made its debut at the San Francisco Showcase in 2018 and this was my first opportunity to install it in a client’s home. I love working with lucite because it is such a statement without actually competing with anything else.

5. The trim on the window coverings is beautiful! Where is it from and why did you choose it?

I am most certainly a “more is more” kind of gal and I love window treatments with special trimmings. The client and I fell in love with this Fortuny print of little lions so that her daughter will grow up to be fierce.  The actual drapery is from Holland and Sherry – the perfect ballet slipper pink to complement the Fortuny fabric that we made into trim.  I finished it off with a traditional tassel from Samuel & Sons.

Rose Colored Camouflage Nursery - Inspired by This

6. Tell us about that statement chandelier!

My favorite Paris Flea Market find!  I was traveling in Paris looking for design inspiration and stumbled into Galerie Glustin.  When I spotted the chandelier, I knew it was what the nursery needed.  I absolutely love it’s hand blown glass butterflies in alternating in shades of pink, purple, and white.  

Rose Colored Camouflage Nursery - Inspired by ThisRose Colored Camouflage Nursery - Inspired by This

7. Were there any particular challenges on the project? How did you overcome them?

Deciding on the perfect size for the chandelier was a challenge.  I wanted it large enough to be impactful but I didn’t want it to overwhelm the room.   They say “inches matter” and I can assure you, they do! The chandelier is definitely a statement and its 24  inche diameter was absolutely the right decision in the end. But hanging this 160 lb beauty proved to be a bit trickier – it took the muscle power of two electricians and one painter to finally hang it!

8. What are your favorite elements of this room’s design?

I truly love everything we sourced for this room but if I had to pick one,  it would be the Caroline Irving canopy over the crib. I never had a canopy growing up so shortly after college when designing my bedroom I invested in my own canopy bed using a Christopher Farr Peonies fabric.  I do find myself canopying as many beds as I can, especially for little girls – it just feels so appropriate.


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