5 Amazon Prime Items for our Kid’s Easter Baskets

When Easter rolls around early into April, we know Amazon Prime will be there to save our day! This year was a testament to that statement. We can’t be the only ones that looked at the calendar in awe of how quickly Easter approached this year, so if you are anything like us, shopping Amazon Prime is a no brainer solution to our procrastination problem – Hey, we get it, we’re all busy nothing to be ashamed of! Scroll on to view the 5 items we bought from Amazon for our kid’s Easter baskets! Bonus points for us because all of this is reusable if you have kids young enough they won’t remember what last year’s basket entailed! And while you are at it, run to your local Trader Joe’s, and pick up some long stem carrots and mini daisies to really tie the whole look together. Trust us, your IG story will thank you!

The Basket Itself

We know, you probably don’t have a basket for Easter yet, or if you do have one it’s not quite up to par. Not to worry we are here to solve this problem with this adorable oval Willow Basket that happens to be the perfect size to be used year after year!

Easter Egg Ornaments

If you are like us then you probably don’t love the idea of giving the kiddos candy-filled Easter eggs. The sugar rush that follows Easter is not worth the excitement. And, the hard-boiled eggs are great, but if they crack we know we will be cleaning up a mega mess! Opt for these adorable Easter Egg Ornaments this year in your kid’s Easter basket!

Decorative Beads

We have been eyeing these decorative beads for some time now! We will give you the excuse we used to pull the trigger – if not now, then when?

Peter Rabbit Book

If your kids don’t already have a Peter Rabbit book then nows the time to get one! The opportunity to turn Easter into a sweet lesson is a win in our books! No pun intended.

Plush Stuffed Rabbit 

What kid doesn’t love a plush stuffed animal? Not only does this rabbit make the sweetest momento, but it happens to be the perfect size to add some depth to your kid’s Easter basket. Trust us it will be the sweetest finishing touch!

Run, don’t walk to get these items for your kid’s Easter baskets in your cart ASAP so that they arrive in time for Easter! Happy shopping!

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