How to transition your nursery into a bedroom fit for your toddler

When it comes to decorating your nursery, the decisions seem to flow together so easily! You love this antique mirror, and it perfectly complements the accents in this crib, and that rug just ties everything together so well. But when it comes time to transition your nursery to a toddler-appropriate bedroom, it can feel overwhelming. Where do you start? What should you keep and what should you get rid of? Which colors are too baby-ish? Which toys and books are more age appropriate for a growing little one? Well not to worry: we’re here to help! We’ve put together our list of our top 5 tips to help you seamlessly upgrade your little one’s nursery into a toddler bedroom where they can grow and play!

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01. Start with the obvious changes.

Right away, there are some pretty obvious changes that will need to happen in your child’s nursery. First and foremost, let’s upgrade that crib to a toddler bed! It’s the most natural change to make in this transition, and it’s important to choose a bed that you feel comfortable with – whether that means opting for one with built in railings or adding on attachable rail guards. No matter which bed you end up choosing, we’re always partial to keeping organic bedding in every room in your home, especially for your little one!

02. Keep safety needs at the top of your list.

The most important thing to remember as you upgrade your child’s room is that they are naturally becoming more curious, and more prone to accidents! Take into consideration the fact that some of the key elements you might have included in the nursery might not be the safest options for curious hands. For example, cordless blinds are a worthwhile upgrade to your window coverings to avoid hazards associated with hanging cords. If you’re working with a budget for this room re-do, consider splurging first on any and all safety upgrades and then getting creative with your remaining budget for decor purposes.

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03. Maximize the space for your child’s growing needs.

Let’s face it: toddlers do many things, but sitting still is hardly one of them! Your little one needs ample space to play and get creative in their new “big kid” room, so take advantage of the space you have. Where you kept a rocking chair could now be the perfect spot for a toy kitchen. A rocking horse in the corner could be replaced with a few cozy pillows for a quiet reading nook. Consider what your child’s interests are now and adjust the room to fit the activities they enjoy most right now!

04. Embrace your child’s interests.

From earthy boho wall hangings to modern neutral color tones like rust and forest green, you likely decorated your child’s nursery based on your own home decor preferences. At this age, though, your child is old enough to appreciate seeing their own interests incorporated into the room. Don’t panic: this doesn’t mean Daniel Tiger’s face has to be plastered on every surface! Simply take into consideration what your child is loving these days and find ways to incorporate this into the space in a tasteful way that will make both of you happy! Fun animal print pillows are the perfect touch for a jungle-loving child, while kiddos that are obsessing over space will appreciate glowing stars and celestial night-lights. There is a happy medium to be found that maintains your level of taste while allowing your toddler’s room to become an expression of their passions.

05. Minimize the work for yourself by making easy swaps.

We’re crossing every finger for you that diapers will soon be a thing of the past, and to encourage this transition, let’s get rid of that changing table once and for all! If you’ve been using a changing pad on top of a dresser, this should be an easy swap for you. Simply remove the changing top and upgrade the top of the dresser with kid-friendly pieces in its place. This is a great spot to add some items to complete the room’s styling that might need to stay out of reach of little fingers – think extra lighting, a framed photo or two of your family, and maybe an extra special heirloom like a passed-down teddy bear from your childhood or your child’s baby book.

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With your child growing and exploring more, don’t forget to consider these kid-friendly decorating tips for the rest of your home!

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