How to Design The Perfect Teenage Girls Sanctuary

Have you ever tried to design a teenage girl’s room? Well, let us tell you it is not as simple as one might think. Anyone that has tried to get a teenager to do anything for them knows they have a mind of their own, and hey that’s okay! Today on the blog we enlisted the help of interior designer, Maureen Stevens to share her tips on how to design the perfect teenage girls sanctuary! Scroll on to see the tips for yourself!

Teenage Girls SanctuaryTeenage Girls Sanctuary

Treat them like an adult

Ask questions and draw them out. What do they like in their current space? What are they needing/wishing for in their room? Scope out space, ask about the teen’s life — why are some notebooks on the floor? Clothes hanging everywhere? Once you get to know their needs and functionality in the room, it will help to design and create the space of their dreams.

Look at the teen’s wardrobe

What hues are standing out? Use those colors that stand out in your palette, but tone it down a notch as far as intensity.

Teenage Girls SanctuaryTeenage Girls Sanctuary

Layer, layer, layer

An area rug over carpet? Yes, it does work but go for low pile rugs. This will help anchor and separates spaces. In this case, the sleeping area is separated from the lounge area via the pink geometrical rug.

Show off things that matter

The desk and wardrobe are heirloom pieces that were refurbished and hold sentimental value to the family. Photos and other memorabilia are featured at the big desk, and the big “C” has been with her since she was a little girl. These touches will make the room feel personalized and meaningful for years to come.

Teenage Girls SanctuaryTeenage Girls Sanctuary Teenage Girls Sanctuary

Let there be light!

Different sources of lighting can create different effects and ambiance. We added wall sconces {in lieu of table lamps} above her nightstands, and the flush mount above her bed was replaced with something minimal. We also added a fringe chandelier over her lounge space {a case of matchy-matchy is not always the answer} and not shown is a desk lamp for her desk so she can do her school work with optimal lighting.

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