Dual Birthday Party Celebration

This Luca inspired and Portorosso, Italy birthday party celebration works perfectly together! The combination of the pastel color palettes from both slides blends flawlessly. We love the large outdoor space that the vendors filled to bring these unique themes to life. You know that we are huge fans of balloon displays, and this party is no exception. Truly, we think the multitude of balloons is what unified these two different themes for the perfect dual birthday party celebration.

The event designer shares,

“This party is what event designer dreams are made of! I was honored to create this beautiful space for a 1 and 3 year old birthday celebration. As always, Sincerely Capri Events was by my side to help me bring the props and panels to life. She makes all of my crazy dreams come true!! 3 year old Levi loves the movie Luca- and his name fits perfectly in the logo! 1 year old Capri came straight from a little seaside Italian town, obviously. So, naturally, we created our own mini, muted, pretty version of Portorosso!

You guys, I watched the movie, studied the geography, took cliff notes….and our inspired party was born! This 5 panel backdrop is a perfect combo of Luca’s seaside adventure meets lemon trees in Capri, Italy! I even made Capri her own postcard (which is a fun element pulled from the movie).” 

The event designer shares the details,

“The backdrop meets in the middle with an Italian brick arch bubbling full of pretty balloons, and a Vespa to get around in. I worked so hard to create a cohesive look, but still separate each side so it felt special to each child. 

Sincerely Capri nailed those gorgeous florals and functioning shutters!! 

Keeping all character elements in a muted gray line drawing really set the modern tone for us, but still allowed the theme to shine through. I am obsessed with every last detail, including those little lemon balloons and Target dollar bin birdies!

I’m always brainstorming new ways to frame a ball pit… for Luca, we went with an ocean theme and YES, THAT IS A BOAT! The idea was to fill the ball pit with white and blue balls, pretending that it was an ocean… and this boat was floating away on it. Then, Luca pops up and a bird lands on his head!”

The event designer continues,

“This event gave me a big grass canvas to work with – so much space!! I wanted to make sure the walking pathway guided you from one thing to the next. Important pieces like the happy birthday moment and the drinks had to be centrally located. I decided to face the whole party towards the parking lot, so it greeted you with big open arms as you got out of your car.

At the center point of entry, there was a small roundabout with two benches surrounding a “fountain”. Just beyond that, was the dessert setup; right in the middle of the party! 

Each vendor was staggered as not to block the next with our large pieces flanking the perimeter- the backdrop and ball pit. The flow of vendors gave a bit of a “town vibe”, since after all, we were in Capri, Italy!”

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