Confetti Popper Kids Party Invitations

Everyone is always happy to be invited to a kids party, but why not add excitement to your next party by making these fabulous invitation poppers!  They are easy to make, and can be customized to fit any kids party theme just by changing the little surprise on the inside.  You can host an art party and include crayons, stamps, and beads. Or is your little an animal enthusiast?  Tuck away a little jungle of toys for your zoo party!  You could even hide away a special nail polish for a teen’s girl party…the possibilities are endless!

Thank so much to Sara of Confetti Sunshine for creating this cute DIY for us!  The best part??  She gave us free printables for you!  Click here for the blue version of the invite and click here for the super cute pink version!


What you will need to make your own Invitation Poppers are:

cardboard tube
tissue paper
double sided tape or glue
Invitation free printable (blue or pink)
twine or ribbon


First, print and cut out the invitation printable. Next, wrap the tissue paper around your cardboard tube and tie on one end with the twine. Stuff your invitation surprise into the cardboard tube through the open end. Tie off the other end of the tissue paper with the twine. Last, use the double sided tape to tape the invitation printable around the tissue wrapped cardboard tube.



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