Bright Sunshine and Flowers Themed First Birthday Party

Nothing brings a smile to our faces quite like the touching gesture of celebrating a birthday in all its glory. Every year around the sun is worth a celebration, but the first year is a big milestone. If you agree that a trip around the sun is worth celebrating then you are in the right place. Today on the blog we are this adorable bright sunshine and flowers filled first birthday party. Think all the joy of having a one-year-old combined with modern design and you are halfway there. No need to let your imagination run wild scroll on to see exactly what makes this milestone spent in quarantine so special.

The planner shares,

“For Poppy’s first birthday we wanted to share some love during a time when the world really needs some extra care. The theme was Poppy Rose grows, spreading the love for her first birthday ISO party. We wanted to make sure that her party gave back so a portion of the flower vessels and the desserts were donated to BLM organizations and the champagne from One Hope donated a portion of the proceeds to provide healthy meals to children. We celebrated with her Aunt and Uncle who live next door and her grandma who came for a visit in March and decided not to leave when the state shut down. The birthday also took place on Fathers Day so the sign on the dessert table is for my husband, Corey’s, first Fathers day. Our song is “You are the Sunshine of my Life” and the sign reads, “You are the sunshine of our life, together we made a rainbow”. We sang happy birthday to Poppy with other family members who called in on the computer and watched her have her cake. We served lemonade and champagne and little snacks for a relaxed afternoon in the backyard.”


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