“The Wonderful Things You Will Be” Birthday Party

When planning a party, looking for inspiration, especially for a theme, can be challenging. But, we’re here to share some of the most creative inspiration for your next party for littles. This classic children’s book, “The Wonderful Things You Will Be” birthday party theme is perfection. All of the little details, like the stuffed animals with inspiring tags, the quotes, and the color palette perfectly replicate the book. We love this kind of inspiration, especially for a a first birthday party!

The planner shares,

“Mila’s first birthday party venue was an easy decision for her parents, Mercie and Chris. The Discovery Children’s Museum is where they had one of their first dates. They wanted to be kids for a day, and what a great way to achieve just that! Fast forward years later and it was time to celebrate their daughter’s first birthday party.

They wanted to bring one of their favorite children’s books to life for this big milestone. The book being “The Wonderful Things You Will Be” . There were several pages from the book we were inspired by, such as the stuffed animals having a birthday party with cookies. Each stuffed animal guest that was also the kid’s favors had a tag placed on them inspiring kids what to be : Be Kind, Be Brave, Be Bold, Be Clever, etc.”

The planner continues,

“Another page that inspired us was the gardening, “will you help things grow?” page. We wanted the centerpieces to reflect that, so we adorned the tables with fresh floral, fruits, and veggie. There were also accessories decorating the ends of the table with a wheel barrel and a watering canister filled with floral and fresh produce.

The party displayed a muted pastel color palette to acknowledge the beautiful watercolor pages in the book. They wanted a fun and kid friendly menu that adults would enjoy too, so we had menu station cards to reflect each item. Wild and Wise Tots anyone?!

Two mocktails were created with fresh ingredients and spring influenced flavors. The names of the mocktails were important as it was to include Mila’s two angel sisters.

As a cool down from all of the fun, a popsicle bike cart was on display for guests to select from. There were four delish flavors with ingredients sourced locally in Las Vegas.

Their favorite quote from the book was displayed on the balloon wall, which also served as the cake cutting backdrop. Following the cake, Mila’s dad gave a speech encouraging kids to never give up and to be anything they want to be. It was truly a ONEderful celebration!”

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