Ask a Real Mom: How to Support Her During Her First Week of Motherhood

So you have a new mom in your circle, first of all, congratulations you know a real-life hero. That’s right moms are, among other things, heroes. They put their children first and do everything in their best interest, can we take a moment to appreciate that?!… Okay now that we have established how incredible they are, it’s time to lay out exactly how you can best support them, during this phase of life. So we thought, what would be a better way to layout these tips then to ask a real mom (or three) from our team for their advice. We have to say this article will be one we go back to time and time again, the tips are just that good.

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.01 – Give them space

No matter how well-intended you are there is no reason to show up at the hospital. The emotions that come along with a new child is exhausting enough then add in the physical exhaustion to the mix and that’s just the half of it. Give the new mom some space and allow her to take everything in then when you feel like you have waited long enough proceed with the next tip listed.

.02 – Take the decision out of their hands

Don’t ask when to come by. Tell them when you’re thinking of stopping by. Mom-brain is so real that when people asked us, we would just say “whenever” and then too many people would be there at once.  If you can say “I’ll be by Tuesday at noon, what do you want from Starbucks” it’s a lot easier and less thinking for mama.

.03 – Help where you can see it’s needed

While you’re there chatting – wipe down a counter, fold a throw blanket, put away out of place doggy toys. Those smaller things that get overlooked, but start to pile up, are so helpful to help complete. The new mom will appreciate the help more than you know!

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.04 – Don’t forget about the baby

Of course – hold and snuggle that baby, they need love and support too. Then make sure while mom has her hands free, she is doing something for herself. Going to the bathroom, eating, or even just standing up and moving around. Or our personal favorite, go tell her to take a relaxing bath and pamper herself for a moment.

.05 – There’s no such thing as too much praise

Most of all, tell her how great she’s doing. As a new mom – you can’t hear it enough. There is nothing as beautiful as becoming a mother but, to be honest, for your first child you are just guessing how to do everything and we can guarantee all new moms will love the praise. Not to mention that words of affirmation is the number one love language.

.06 – Help take care of the meals

Organize a meal train, so people can sign up for days to bring dinner by. Or drop off a few freezer meals that she can easily pop in the oven. If you don’t live near the new mom don’t fret, you can always send an e-gift card for food delivery services like Postmates, or Grubhub.

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.07 – Help make space for a mental break

There is nothing as complicated as learning to balance your time between your children and the new baby. So, if your friend has older kids take them out for a play date or offer to sit and play with them to help relieve mom a bit. They will appreciate the time to dedicate to the new baby.

.08 – Capture these precious moments

Take pictures of her with her new baby… even if she protests because she feels a disaster in a month/year/years she will treasure those photos!! It’s so common for moms to have so many photos of their kids but not many with them! Trust us, she will thank you later.

If your friend is on baby number two or three then we have taken it upon ourselves to layout all the baby products you need. Be sure to let us know in the comments if you found this article to be helpful! 

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