A Combination 7 Eleven Birthday Party

We love the twist on this 7 Eleven birthday party! How perfect to have this theme with two of your daughters, turning those ages! The pastel color theme works perfectly for this combined sister party. The variety of elegant and feminine florals on the tablescape completes this event. We love the classic details they kept, like the chip bag gift baskets and 7 Eleven logo. This 7 Eleven birthday party has all the spring inspiration we’re looking for!

The designer shares,

“We celebrated our 2 daughters birthdays – Mia turned 7 and Ximena 11. There was no other way to celebrate than a 7Eleven party theme! We had a great time and everyone just loved the theme! It all began when my daughter exclaimed, “Next year, my sister and I will be turning 7 and 11, just like the store!” I couldn’t let this idea slip away, so I shared it with my friends who were equally excited.

We began brainstorming and designing, but we wanted to give the store a cute twist. That’s when my friend, who is a party stylist, suggested using the same original color but pastel colors instead. With this idea in mind, I took charge of designing the rest of the details. I gave my friends the freedom to design the balloons and cake, as I have known them for years and trusted their work. It was important to me that they had creative control and could bring their own unique touch to the project. Their expertise and attention to detail truly shone through in the final result. 

To top it off, my brother surprised us by showing up in the store competition uniform! It was hilarious and completely unexpected. We had an amazing time, especially my daughters who thoroughly enjoyed themselves.”

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Graphic Designer/Acrylic Items/Backdrop   
Motion Laser Design
Dose Floral Co
Luxe and Company
Balloon Artist   
Backdrops Caroline
Mirelle Photography
Cake Designer   
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