6 Kids Easter Gifts That Aren’t Candy 

Ahh Easter, we love what you bring to our lives. Between the blooming flowers, crisp spring air, and the easter bunny what isn’t there to love? If you are anything like us then Easter is such a fun time to celebrate with family and put on an epic Easter egg hunt for the kids. If mentioning easter eggs starts to raise your blood pressure you are not alone. The effects of all the sugar that your kids intake throughout the day can be overwhelming and have a lasting effect. So today on IBT we are sharing 6 kid’s Easter gifts that are not candy!

.01 – Piggy Paint

If you are outfitting an Easter. Ashley for a little girl, nail polish is sure to be a hit!! However, most of us don’t want that yucky smell or harsh chemicals in our kids, so let us introduce you to our favorite kid-safe nail polish, Piggy Paint. They have so many colors and sparkles available we’re sure you’ll find just the one for your special girl. We’ll even wager to bet this will be the first things out of her basket she wants to crack open!

.02 – Storymakery personalized books

Books can create a magical land your children want to escape to… and now they can!! Storymaker allows you to customize books to make your child the star. From pirates to mermaids, there’s something for everyone. 

.03 – Bubble trumpet

Easter is the unofficial kickoff to spring, which means more sunshine and outside playtime for kids. Our kids l-o-v-e bubbles, and this takes bubble making to a whole different level. 

.04 – Fun plate/utensils

We’re not above including practical gifts disguised as kids gifts into our Easter baskets! Fun plates and utensils have been found to help kids engage more in meals and be more encouraged to try new foods. We love this bunny plate for our girls and this construction utensils set for our boys. #momwin

.05 – Kite

Another great outdoor activity for kids is kite flying! What we love about kites is they can be used almost anywhere – backyards, parks, beaches, etc. And they come in every option of color, shape, size and character, which guarantees you can get one your kiddo will really really like.

.06 – Dress up clothes 

Anyone else looking for more ways to keep your kids entertained at home?! We’ve found having a trunk/closet/drawer full of dress up costumes brings their imaginary play to life, and keeps them engaged in their game longer. We love the dress up options from Melissa and Doug – from firefighters to vets, hair stylists to astronauts there are so many options to choose from!

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