5 things every new mom should have in their diaper bag

Big congrats, new mom! We’re so excited for your new little arrival and your new best friend! —your diaper bag, of course. A mom purse on steroids, your diaper bag will likely be with you at all times and overflowing with diapers, creams, pacifiers, and more. You may be tempted to stuff your bags full of “just in case” essentials so you’re prepared for every situation. We’ve been there! But while your head may be swirling with endless “what-if” scenarios, allow us to ease your mind (you’ve suffered enough!) with our tried-and-trusted diaper bag essentials.

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Solly baby wrap

Keep your baby close and keep your baby safe with the Solly baby wrap. With zero bulk, it’s easy to tuck away into your diaper bag when not in use and can support your baby from their first day in the world up to nine months.

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Parasol diapers and wipes

These all-natural unscented and hypoallergenic diapers and wipes are made without alcohol, dyes, chemicals, chlorine, fragrances, and other unnatural materials—gentle and soft on your baby’s skin.

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Earth Mama Organic Diaper Balm

Dermatologist tested and clinically tested for irritation, this diaper balm is an organic, natural balm that works wonders on your baby’s (and even your own!) skin.

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Change of clothes

Always prepared (because diaper blow outs are real)! Grab an extra change of clothes for your baby in case of spills, accidents, or messes.

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Pacifiers have been proven to lower the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, satisfy the natural suck reflex, and encourages the baby to self-soothe. MAM has a great selection with their BPA/BPS-free pacifiers that have been developed by leading pediatric dentists and developmental psychologists to provide maximum comfort and style for babies.
Do you have any other essentials for your diaper bag? Let us know in the comments!


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