Why Our Editors Think a Costco Membership is Worth It

If you already have a Costco membership, then chances are you don’t need us to tell you why it’s worth it, but if you don’t have one yet then this is for you! If you haven’t noticed yet we are pretty passionate about food, and well grocery shopping in general. After all, meal planning is one task we will always stand behind. That being said, we have found that there are certain reasons why we think a Costco membership is worth every penny, and today we are sharing them all! Scroll on to read the 10 reasons for yourself!

.01 – Free Samples!

Who doesn’t love to try before they buy?! We know we do, especially considering food isn’t really something you can return. Although Costco’s return policy is also a perk we can get behind!

.02 – Cheap Gas

Cheap gas!! To use the Costco gas pumps you need a membership card & it’s always on the cheaper side whenever we go to fill up our tank versus going to Chevron, or other common stations!

.03 – Cashback Opportunities

Quite possibly the best perk on this whole list would be the cashback opportunities the higher memberships include! Because, cashback is a perk we know everyone can get behind!

.04 – Buy in Bulk Options

If you’re living with a large family or with a good handful of roommates, Costco gives you more household essentials for less money— things like toilet paper, condiments for food, paper towels, etc. etc. — things that will last you longer for less money!

.05 – It’s Smoothie Heaven

Costco is the perfect place to stock up on groceries if you’re a big smoothie drinker – grab their Triple Berry Blend and a bag of spinach and you’re saving yourself so much time and money vs. buying smaller quantities every week at another store. Pro tip: if you’re worried the spinach will start to go bad before you use it all, just put it in the freezer – it’ll taste exactly the same when you blend it into your smoothie.

.06 – Baking Goods

Baking goods! We love to bake, so getting things like pure vanilla extract or granulated sugar in larger quantities at Costco means we don’t have to worry about running out to the store to restock every time we get a late night craving for chocolate chip cookies.

.07 – Discounted Gift Cards

When you buy at regular grocery stores or other retail departments, they are sold for the same value, however, at Costco you can buy a pack of two $50 gift cards for less than $100 which essentially saves you a good percentage on them.

.08 – Discounted Eye-ware

They have savings on eye-ware such as glasses & contact lenses which are more expensive at retail store. Not to mention they have all the styles that we all know and love!

.09 – Best prices on Supplements and Vitamins

Everyone needs to have supplements, and vitamins in their diet, and there is no better place to get quality and quantity of them without breaking the bank.

.10 – Can buy Meat in Bulk

If you meal prep then you know all too well how quickly meat can add up. Buying in bulk is a solution that we are so grateful to have discovered. Not only is it the most economical option but it takes a huge chunk out of our weekly shopping list!

If you are feeling ready to get your Costco Membership, then be sure to check out our Nutritionist Guide to Costco Shopping!

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