We attended a floral arranging class, here’s what we learned

Floral arrangements are an art that look effortless at first glance… but when it comes down to it, they require careful precision, a tasteful eye for design, and quite a lot of trial and error. We can speak from experience! Danielle of Dawn Co. lead our team through a floral arranging class on a warm summer afternoon a few weeks ago and we had so much fun being introduced her craft. From learning how to properly cut flower stems, to adding new terminology into our books, Danielle helped us realize that there is so much more that goes into a beautiful bouquet than just placing flowers in a vase! Continue reading below to see a few of the things we learned from this floral arrangement class!

The Baseline

Every floral arrangement starts with a good base! Danielle brought us a roll of chicken wire which she cut up and molded into a sphere so that our blooms would have support in their placement. We learned that although some florists use foam to uphold their arrangements, chicken wire is easier, requires less clean-up, and is better for the environment!

Going Beyond the Greenery

Ever heard of flower fillers? Typically, this term would make us think of the greenery that fills the space between flowers in a bouquet. However, this floral arrangement class moved us to start thinking outside the box. When it came time to begin texturizing our arrangements and adding character, Danielle equipped us with fillers that were more than just leafy greens!

Befriending Negative Space

As we structured our arrangements, adding and removing elements as we went along, it became evident that sometimes, negative space can work in your favor when it comes to floral design. Rather than going with the urge to add more to an arrangement in order to make it seem more full, Danielle taught our team how to use negative space to our advantage in adding height and depth to our bouquets!

And just like that, voilà! We walked away with the most beautiful summer arrangements and even sweeter memories after spending time crafting them together as a team. Thank you to Dawn Co. for hosting this floral arranging class and pushing us to get more creative while adding new skills to our belt!

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