10 Ways To Make Your Galentine’s Party Stand Out

Do you know what’s better than spending Valentine’s Day with your significant other? Spending it with your gal-pals, of course! No matter your relationship status this year, you can always celebrate the day of love. Also, the best parties are filled with cotton-candy champagne, your favorite rom-com, and all things pink! So, if you’re looking for ways to make your Galentine’s party stand out this year, then get ready! We have 10 Galentine’s party ideas that will have you and all of your besties swooning!

Image via @themagnoliamamas

01. Cotton Candy Champagne

A glass of champagne and it’s pink? Say less!

All you need for this delicious cotton candy champagne is:

  • 1 Bottle of champagne (We like to use a medium-sweet champagne.)
  • 1 Package of cotton candy (We used strawberry flavored.
  • 6-8 champagne glasses
  • Optional: straws

02. Make It A Girls Night In!

We all love a night-in with the besties, and Galentine’s day is no exception. All you need is some wine, face masks, your favorite movie(s), and you’ll have the best night in with your gals! A celebration doesn’t always have to mean a wild night out. Instead, invite your friends over for a night filled with good food, company, and some much-needed relaxation!

Image via @MyDarlingDiary

03. A Pink-Out Photo Wall

Every event you attend has to be Instagram-worthy if you’re anything like us. Additionally, the phrase “pics or it didn’t happen” is permanently engrained into your vocabulary. So, if you see Galentine’s Day as a great way to add some adorable pictures to your feed, you’ve come to the right place. To start, all you need is some pink balloons, streamers, lights, and any decor your heart desires. Finally, grab a camera and a friend to start taking those perfectly pinked-out photos!

04. Have a Galentine’s Photo Shoot!

If being ‘extra’ is your thing, you might want to take the photo wall idea a step further. For instance, if booking a photo room and having a professional photoshoot sounds like your friend group’s dream afternoon… this is your sign to do it! Having professional photos of your friends is a great way to make fabulous memories. While also having some iconic squad content to post!

Image via @kennedyaddision

05. Watch Your Favorite Rom-Coms

Watching a romantic comedy is practically required on Valentine’s Day. Here are some of our favorite movies to watch at your Galentine’s party!

  • How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days
  • La La Land
  • Endless Love
  • The Notebook
  • The Choice
  • Failure To Launch
  • The Proposal

06. Galentine’s Day Dessert Charcuterie Board

Image via @DukeManorFarm

Give your Galentine’s some goodies with a dessert charcuterie board. Everyone knows appetizers are the best way to get a party started, and this yummy charcuterie board is no exception!

07. Rosé-Covered Chocolate Strawberries Recipe

Image via @TaraMilkTea

These rosé chocolate-covered strawberries are just as delicious as they are fabulous! The rest of the recipe can be found on Tara Milk Tea.

Here’s what you’ll need:

3 x Punnets of Strawberries

2 x 250g bags of white chocolate melts

A bottle of Jacob’s Creek Le Petite Rosé

1 x Red Food Colouring

Yellow Food Colouring

Decorative Food Items (edible gold leaf, edible glitter, sprinkles, flowers, etc. – whatever else you like to decorate with!) 

08. Pink-Out Tablescape

A fully decorated tablescape should also be on the menu if dinner is on the itinerary. The gorgeous pinks, playful decor, and delicious food will have all of your guests falling in love! First, start by purchasing the basics. Such as dishes, silverware, glasses, napkins, runners, or tablecloths. Then, you can buy your decor. This can include your balloons, flowers, pillows, streamers, and anything else you want to add!

Image via @greenweddingshoes

09. Mini Heart Shaped Pizza Recipe

Image via @sarahhearts

This delicious Mini Heart Shaped Pizza is the perfect meal for a Galentine’s party. Everyone loves pizza, and when they are heart-shaped, it’s even better!

10. ‘Prickly Pear’ Margarita

Image via @Tasteofhome

This tasty ‘Prickly-Pear’ margarita is a perfect addition to your Galentine’s party. Plus, it’s pink!

Galentine’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate the people you love most. These ten ways to make your Galentine’s party stand out will ensure that you win hostess of the year. Plus, with all of these fun recipes, activities, and decorations, your guests will be counting down the days for next year’s party!