30 Simple Daily Challenges to Better Yourself

With the beginning of a new year, or month, week, or day, brings new opportunities for change. Our goal is always to inspire you, which is why we kicked off 2019 with an exciting “challenge” to both you and ourselves to make an effort towards all around wellness. These simple ways to better yourself are not just for our bodies, but for our minds, and for the world around us. We challenged you to do something each day that would have a positive impact – and if you followed along, we hope that is exactly what happened! If you missed it, you can catch up on our Instagram stories, but we also rounded up the simple ways to better yourself here on IBT today! Because bettering ourselves and being well isn’t just a one month thing, it is an ongoing journey. Whether you joined us or not, you can continue the challenge this month – and beyond. Just look at this list as little efforts towards more self-love, and love in general!

Ways to Better Yourself

30 Ways to Better Yourself

1. Get outside for at least 30 minutes

2. Write down 5 things you are grateful for

3. Commit a random act of kindness

4. Call someone you love

5. De-clutter an area in your home or at work

6. Make a list of short-term goals. Here are some of ours!

7. Unsubscribe from unnecessary emails

8. Eat your way to healthy hair, skin, & nails. Foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids are particularly good for adding shine and promoting growth, but you can also get them from products such as Rahua’a Detox Hair & Renewal Treatment!

9. Send an encouraging text to 5 people

10. Eat lunch outside and enjoy the sun

11. Go to bed 30 minutes earlier than normal

12. Keep dinner “phone free”

13. Write down 3 great things that happened today

14. No complaints today!

15. Make a homemade healthy dinner

16. Set aside time to go on a walk

17. Have a spa night at home and try a face mask or hair treatment

18. Try something new today 

19. Clean up your social media feeds

20. Wear something you feel great in, like a cozy sweater or gorgeous scarf!

21. Write a positive affirmation for a co-worker on a post-it note and stick it on their desk

22. Hold the door for a stranger

23. Watch the sunset

24. Do one thing you’ve been putting off

25. Plan a coffee date with a friend

26. Get rid of 5 things you don’t use

27. Don’t go on social media after 6pm. Take this time to be in the moment and read a good book instead.

28. Go to a new restaurant or cafe

29. Treat yourself!

30. Pay a stranger a compliment

What is something small that makes your life better?

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