What you Need to Know Before Buying a Home

Have you ever wondered what you need to know before buying a home? Well, you are not alone, and buying a home is one of the largest purchases you will ever make in your life. That being said we firmly believe you can never be too prepared! So, we enlisted the help of three top realtors with years of experience to ask them what you need to know before buying a home. We are happy to report that these realtors delivered with priceless advice we can’t wait to share with you. So, without further ado we have three things to know before buying a home.

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Understand Your “Wants”

“Know what you want in the ideal property. Are you looking for X amount of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage? Are there any amenities that are necessities to you or your family? Are you looking to grow your family within this new property?  You should define the things that are important to you early in the process and then see what falls within your price range. Then your realtor can best find the properties that meet what you are wanting and are able to set up the right showings so that you are not wasting your time viewing properties that don’t meet the criteria you are wanting in a property and that can be time wasted and possibly an opportunity that would cost you the right property that is on the market.” Path Home Team

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Understand The Market

“Understand the market you’re buying in! I work with many relocation buyers moving to the Denver area, and while the country is seeing a commonality with strong Seller’s markets, each market is unique in the buying process, expectations and conditions. In order to compete in Denver’s market, understanding and getting comfortable with what to expect is essential in a positive real estate transaction. Understanding the intricacies of the market to navigate the process from start to finish makes the difference in getting an offer accepted, and through the under contract process to a successful closing.” – Ann Durham, LIV Sotheby’s Realty

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Be Prepared

“Be prepared! Have a detailed conversation with your lender and be comfortable with your purchasing power. In many markets around the country- like Denver, homes are often selling above asking price with multiple offers – so understanding your limits will help set realistic boundaries on the homes you shop for.  Also,  have your agent spend a bit of time with you going through your state’s purchase contract! Your agent can walk you through what clauses may be being waived in your market and will explain ways you can write a strong, and competitive offer. Understanding what you are signing in advance takes hesitation out of that part of the process. It also allows you feel comfortable making an offer quickly should you fall in love with a house right away!”  – Leisa Sollenberger, LIV Sotheby’s Realty

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