Top podcasts to get into this season based on your interests

When’s the last time you listened to a podcast? If you’ve never looked into them before, now is the perfect time to start. Podcasts can be a great way to learn about current events and/or hear a wide range of in-depth perspectives on topics that interest you. Podcasts are perfect to throw on while commuting, cooking, exercising, or just lounging around the house. While this form of media is becoming increasingly popular, many claim that podcasts have just never really been something they can get into. If you think you fit this category, don’t worry! The best way to start your journey into the podcast world is to find your niche podcast genre… and trust us, it’s out there. In this article, we’ve picked out some of our top podcasts to get into across varying categories. Read on to see if any catch your eye!

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Pod Save America

We love listening to this twice per week podcast to catch up on current events in a way that feels fun and conversational. The hosts are former White House staff under the Obama administration and are always sharing ways to get involved and make a difference in the causes you care about!

The Daily

This podcast is a great resource to get your daily news. From the New York Times, The Daily breaks things down into a single episode each day focusing on one key issue happening in the world, from elections to environmental issues to financial changes. Episodes are around 30 minutes each, so they’re perfect for listening during a morning commute, drinking your coffee, or an evening walk around your neighborhood!


Hall of Shame

For the sports lovers out there, this newer podcast is a fun way to escape daily life and learn about crazy sports controversies that have happened over the years! Plus, it’s hosted by two women – Love!


You’re Wrong About

Both educational and entertaining. Breaks down the issues everyone thought they knew about, and uncover some mind-blowing facts. Think topics like the OJ Simpson trial in a totally fresh way. It gets you thinking!


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I Love Wellness with Lo Bosworth

Lo Bosworth opens up the floor to chat about the wellness industry and what true self-care means for women. For those looking for ways to learn more about how to take care of our mind, body and spirit it is highly recommended that you give this podcast a listen as Lo dives into important and sometimes uncomfortable topics with some of the best leaders in the wellness industry!


Girls Gotta Eat

2 hilarious girls navigate what it means to be a young adult in this day and age. This podcast truly feels like you’re having a conversation with your closest girlfriends, and you’ll find yourself laughing and all-too connected with their hilarious stories!

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That’s What We Said

Jaci and Chelsea have been best friends since high school, and boy can we tell. The two hilarious girls cover everything from love, to business. But our favorite episodes are when their followers write in to the podcast with their most embarrassing stories. Get ready to have belly aches from laughing way too hard.



If you’re a true-crime junkie, this one is for you! Each episode is an individual story focusing on true crimes that have happened over the years, but it doesn’t focus on just typical murder mystery stories. There are episodes about identity theft, robberies, injustices, and more – think of these stories as “people who’ve done wrong, been wronged, and/or gotten caught somewhere in the middle.”

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Crime Junkie 

Get ready to sleep with one eye open. Seriously the stories that these girls share are not only terrifying but also just downright horrifying. And why that is so intriguing is beyond us but all we can say is that we are hooked.

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