How to Refresh Your Home Decor This Spring

It may not feel like it yet (looking at you, rain), but spring is almost here! But when we draw back the drapes and open the windows to let that light and fresh air in, only to realize there’s a layer of dust that’s been hiding under blankets piled high, and our plants consist of branches instead of blooms, we become all to aware of the need for a little refresh. Can Mari Kondo come over, please? She’s a little busy at the moment, because, you know, netflix, so we brought in the next best thing. These expert designers are sharing their tips for incorporating spring home decor that can turn your home from winter drab to fresh and fab in no time. Yes, that rhymes, and we’re going with it. By taking some advice from their playbook, you can easily spruce up the areas that count and let that sun shine on in.

Spring Home Decor, spring decorating ideas Spring Home Decor, spring decorating ideas
Design by Maureen Stevens Design

Are there any specific rooms in a home that you feel should be prioritized for a Spring refresh?

Meghan Hackett-Cassidy and Erin Hackett of Hackett Interiors in New York, recommend, “Your living room, dining room, family room, and kitchen are where you should focus all of your energy. These rooms are where you spend most of your time and where you entertain, especially in the warmer months!”

Maureen Steven, of Maureen Stevens Design, continues, “It always varies for every person. I always think it’s best to start with the place where you entertain the most, whether that’s with guests or just your family! For me, it’s the breakfast table/nook. It’s where I interact with my family first thing in the morning before I start my day.”

Spring Home Decor, spring decorating ideas
Design by Maureen Stevens Design

What easily interchangeable pieces do you recommend swapping out for spring home decor? 

“Throw Pillows are definitely easy and oh-so-fun to make your home ready for a spring refresh. Think pastel and the muted, yet lovely hues of french macaroons—from pistachio greens to zesty lemon yellow— and your couch and chairs will instantly scream Spring” says Maureen

“Hopefully, by Spring, we’ll be done with the snow, which means you can roll up the not-so-pretty, yet very practical mat that was keeping your house clean from wet boots. Add some pattern, color and/or texture to your foyer or mudroom with an indoor/outdoor mat or runner that will add a fresh new feel to the space.” –  Hackett Interiors

Kenneth Boyer of L.A. based, Atelier k also says, “The best way to incorporate Spring home decor into your space is by starting small and switching out details such as pillows, ottomans, throw blankets, accessories such as coffee table books, vases, planters, and plants and floral motifs shifting your spaces to lighter and brighter environments. Look to brighter colors, playful prints, and lighter fabrics in place of the darker, heavier details currently in your space from the Winter months.”

Spring Home Decor, spring decorating ideas
Design by Hackett Interiors

How can you continue to layer your rooms for Spring without them feeling too heavy?

“Layering a room is so important no matter what season. For Spring home decor, think light fabrics, such as linen or cotton, sheers as drapes, and low-pile rugs.” says Maureen

“The best way to do this is by layering rugs and pairing down and simplifying the layering to achieve a more open feel when it comes to accessorizing. Also, adding fun blocks of color in your accessories can be a wonderful way to brighten up a space, while giving it a “layering” feel without adding too many extra physical products.” – Atelier k

Spring Home Decor, spring decorating ideas
Design by Hackett Interiors

If you could only make one update to an exterior space of your home (front yard, back yard, patio, etc.), what would it be and why would you choose this as your one Spring upgrade?

“If we could only make one update to an exterior space of the home for Spring, we would absolutely add a water feature as a rather quick and easy update to an exterior garden or backyard space. We highly recommend doing this for Spring in the front of your home, the back, your garden, etc. – a perfect extra element that will make you instantly feel ready for Spring!” – Atelier k 

Hackett Interiors recommends, “Your front door is the first thing people notice about your home, and for that reason, it’s the area we would select for a spring upgrade. It’s also probably one of the easiest and most affordable spaces to make updates to outside – yard work is expensive and time-consuming! Invest in large planters – they will weather well and can be changed to match each season. Another great investment is lanterns – they will add dimension to your front yard and illuminate beautifully at night.”

Spring Home Decor, spring decorating ideas
Design by Hackett Interiors

Do you have any favorite colors, wallpapers, prints, textiles, etc. that you will definitely be using this Spring in your projects or your own home?

“We’ve had a ton of success lately updating spaces with vinyl grasscloth paper. They are super durable, come in endless amounts of colors and patterns and are a great price point. The bit of color and texture adds that sense of freshness that you wouldn’t necessarily achieve with a new paint color.” – Hackett Interiors

Atelier k continues, “Our all-time favorite colors for Spring and shades that we suggest including in your home and experimenting with this Spring season include, Yellow, Lavender, Melon, Tangerine, and Pistachio green. For a great Spring wallpaper refresh, we love Mary McDonald’s chinoiserie wallpaper from Schumacher and wallpaper from Maya Romanoff ‘Mother of Pearl Aphrodite’.”

Maureen Stevens Design shares, “I’m dying to use a punchy yellow for projects and a sweet pink in my own home (so far, my husband is a “No” to this idea}. I’ve been scheming and filing away on items that I would love to use:

Love this paper here
Love lemons here and this as floor tile in pale/mint green!
Love this in petal/blush as a backsplash 
This bamboo and lattice pattern is both classic and SO Spring!
Love this with the bamboo that has a wilder and fun side!
Oh, don’t wanna forget Pantone’s color of the year, living coral here“!

Spring Home Decor, spring decorating ideas
Design by Maureen Stevens Design

Spring Home Decor, spring decorating ideas
Design by Atelier k 

Any additional Spring home decor tips you’d like to share?

Maureen says, “I know it’s overdone and almost a no-brainer, but fresh flowers are a must! It’s not a weekly thing for me, as it does get expensive, but what I do is buy cherry blossoms (my go to) or Forsythia–they are flowering branches and can last up to 3 weeks (at least in my experience). When in doubt as to what to use as a centerpiece, my go to is a tall clear vase with flowering branches.”

Where do you like to shop for spring home decor? Tell us in the comments!

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